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Friday, April 8

April 8, 2016

Writing Awards submissions for ALL Literary Arts students who wish to enter are due by the end of the day Monday, April 11. These are optional, of course, but the deadline can’t be extended. Here are the guidelines, one more time: Writing awards 2016

Please, I ask only that you leave me/us out of your printing plans. The printer in the big classroom is available; of course, there’s always the third floor. NO emails.

pulp.: Line editing. Thanks for sacrificing your eyes, etc.


Cultural Lit: Recitations. If you haven’t gone yet, you will Wednesday.

On Monday, you have the whole block to read (if you wish) the required stuff for Wednesday: the Preface and “The Dinner” from Founding Brothers.

Oh yeah, spelling is coming back. And we watched this:


Middle School: Taxes. You got into “families” and figured up your tax bills, based on a standard income for PA.

Survey: Combined: Began assembling portfolios. Remember that Monday and Tuesday in CNF are work days for your biographical sketch, which is due next Friday. So come ready to work.


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