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Monday, April 11

April 11, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: Finished Hall, workshopped McKinzie, started Doban.

For Wednesday: the last two poems in the packet: McClintock and Paul.

Plan on having a new poem (Round Four) before the end of next week.

Fiction Workshop: Today we finished up Round 2 with Kat & Haley. Everyone had pieces due today for Round 3 – quite a few of you did not post them to the blog. It is in your best interests to do this ASAP. These will all be printed in a packet for Wednesday – you MUST have your story posted by 8 am Wednesday to be included in the packet. If you do not post by this time, your grade will be severely affected.

Cultural Lit: Retest of Literary History on Wednesday for those who did not get at least 32/40. Here are some notes to study from: Cultural Literacy – Literary History notes

and this guide to the eight eras we discussed: Cultural Literacy – Literary History

You must have read the Preface and Chapter 2 (“The Dinner”) from Founding Brothers by Wednesday. Would I give you a reading quiz on top of a retest? Yes.

If you have not presented your recitation, that will happen on Wednesday, as well.

BatCat: Lots to do, very little time. Will continue on Wednesday.

Middle School Lit Arts:

Keep thinking about your best work this year! I’ll be asking you to bring it in soon, with an eye toward readings for the Showcase in June.

Middle School Rotation (8th grade): Creating superheroes. Watched the Twilight Zone episode “Mr. Dingle, the Strong.”

Survey: CNF: Work day. Your biographical sketches are due Friday.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we did a few things:

First, you handed in Assignment #5 (Sequence). If you did not hand in this assignment, or did not hand in the addendum from last Wednesday (remember – all of this information is posted to this blog), please do so as soon as possible. Tomorrow. Don’t wait till Wednesday.

We read an excerpt from Sunset Blvd together in class. Then we talked about what’s coming next in terms of this semester – it’s a big partnered project in which you will develop the story for a feature-length film. Partners:







Your homework for Wednesday is to read the first chapter from Save the Cat. The second chapter is for next Monday – read it now or save it, totally up to you. There will likely be a quiz on Wednesday (just on Chapter 1).

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