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Tuesday, March 12

April 12, 2016

WWTWWT: Midterm. You will take it Thursday if you were absent.

I also gave out guidelines for the final project, due May 19. Please read carefully if you were absent, and ask any questions early. Here they are: WWT2 final project guidelines Spring 2016

Reading assignment for Thursday in your books: pp 100-107 (the Renaissance/Machiavelli).

Book History: Today we briefly talked about the reading assignment for today, then you took a lot of notes on some of the finer points of book construction – specifically, signature names and standard book sizes. Here’s a picture of the board:


If you were absent, it would be in your best interests to talk to/get notes from someone who was here in order to understand what all of this actually means. This material will appear, in some form, on the eventual exam.

A reading assignment was handed out – for Thursday.

Siren: Getting closer to our April Fool’s issue.

Prompt: Notebooks were checked and we did an in-class reading.

Survey: CNF: Work day. Your biographical sketches are due Friday. Here are some guidelines: Biographical sketch guidelines 2016

And here’s everything else you might need:

Link to the audio file.

Tips for putting together your sketch: Survey CNF Biographical Sketch Tips April 2016

The transcript: 25 questions for Eric DeFade (with answers) 2016

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we did a few things:

First, you handed in Assignment #5 (Sequence). If you did not hand in this assignment, or did not hand in the addendum from last Thursday (remember – all of this information is posted to this blog), please do so as soon as possible. Tomorrow. Don’t wait till Thursday.

We read an excerpt from Sunset Blvd together in class. Then we talked about what’s coming next in terms of this semester – it’s a big partnered project in which you will develop the story for a feature-length film. You’ll get your partners tomorrow (I’ll post them here also).

Your homework for Thursday is to read the first chapter from Save the Cat. The second chapter is for next Tuesday – read it now or save it, totally up to you. There will likely be a quiz on Wednesday (just on Chapter 1).

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