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Monday, April 18

April 18, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: Swogger, McClintock, Paul. We sang a more-or-less-made-up-on-the-spot song. You joined in with only residual angst. I hope we get to do that again. And I feel like we will.

Your fourth round poem is due on the blog by the start of class Wednesday. I’ll give those packets out by the end of class.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Danielle, Victoria, and Kat. Wednesday: Nova, Sara, Tony (aka, the next three stories in the packet).

Cultural Lit: I gave back a bunch of stuff. Awarded the Subway/Canterbury Tales prizes to Miss Hamilton, and cookie runner-up prizes to Mr. McDanel, Miss Koscinski, Miss Hill and Miss McClintock.

Began watching Founding Brothers, the film adaptation.

For Wednesday: read Chapter Three, “The Silence.”


Middle School Lit Arts: First day survey. “One Krabs’ Trash.” A means to an end? What does it mean? We’ll talk about it Friday.

Survey: Screenwriting (ALL): 

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