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Thursday, April 21

April 21, 2016

WWTWWT: No class today because of the field trip. Re-read the sections on Hobbes and Locke. And look at the notes from the blog Tuesday.

I gave you a handout to respond to for Tuesday: “Total Lack of Recall.” Here it is, if you missed it:

Total lack of recall
Arnold Conan had just made an unpleasant discovery: he wasn’t Arnold Conan at all. Or
rather, he used not to be. It was all rather confusing.
This is the best sense he could make of his unusual auto- biography. He was born Alan E.
Wood. Wood was, by all accounts, a deeply unpleasant man: egotistical, selfish, cruel and
ruthless. Two years ago, Wood had got into deep trouble with the State Bureau of
Investigation. He was given a choice: spend the rest of his life in maximum security
prison, where they would make sure he was victimised by the other inmates; or have his
memory erased and replaced with that of an entirely fictitious creation of the spooks at
the SBI. He chose the latter. And so it was that Alan E. Wood was put under a general
anaesthetic, and when he woke up, he had forgotten all about his life to date. Instead, he
remembered an entirely fictitious past, that of Arnold Conan, the man he now believed he
Conan had established that these were the facts. But he still did not know who he was:
Wood or Conan?

So who was he? You tell me.

Book History: Started to work on blocks for letter assignment. You will have some time to work in class on Tuesday; if you are taking it slow, come in during lunch or other free time to work on these.

Siren: Field trip to The Beaver County Times. We’ll discuss it next week.

The April Fool’s edition should be coming out tomorrow, so it’ll probably be all hands on deck Block 2 to get things assembled.

Daily Prompt: Amalgamation prompt. Some of you worked on block prints; if you did this, please replace the activity with a blog prompt.

Survey: CNF: Talked about opinions, the value of counterintuitive opinions, and the difference between “Dumb Kids Class” and “The Coldness of E-Mail.”

Also this:

Prince: The artist


Here’s the timeline:

Tuesday, April 26:

  • You need to turn in a notecard with your “opinion moment.”
  • Your name essay is due. I’ll be looking especially to see if there’s a discernable theme, and for that closing moment!

Tuesday, May 3:

  • Your DeFade revision is due. Remember that I have to have the original essay and scoresheet with it!

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in Proj. Dev. Part 1. We briefly discussed Harold and Maude, and then you had time to start working on your next group assignment, due Tuesday: Screenwriting 4.20.16 – Story Dev Proj, Part 2 Loglines.

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