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Monday, April 25

April 25, 2016


Poetry Workshop: Nice job today: Swogger, McClintock, Cianfarano. For Wednesday: Hall, Thellman, Winkle.

Fiction Workshop: Workshopped. Please do the last three stories in the packet for Wednesday.

Cultural Lit: Here is your assignment for Wednesday (see me if you didn’t get a president): One-term presidents prompt April 25 2016

I gave this out in class, which should help you: Presidents list by era 2016 with questions


7/8 Grade Literary Arts Enrichment: Individual meetings. You completed a prompt about “A Family Supper,” Why, Honey?” and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”

If I didn’t meet with you yet, that will happen next Monday.

Middle School Lit Arts: Writing a business letter (to The SIREN). Gave out prizes for the 90/10 activity on RED.

Survey: CNF: No class because of Screenwriting group project. Remember, you name essay are due Wednesday.

Survey: Screenwriting (ALL): Today the MW class handed in the Proj. Dev. Part 2. We went over the Snyder reading assignment (Chapter 2 of Save the Cat), and then you got the latest group assignment: Screenwriting 4.26.16 – Story Dev Proj Part 3, Catgories. This is due at the end of the block TOMORROW. We will have class as one large group tomorrow as well; you will have time to work in class.


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