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Friday, April 29

April 29, 2016

pulp.: Final proofreading of the book. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and eagle(ish) eyes.


Cultural Lit: Literary history re-quizzes. A quick run through one-term presidents. Then a review game for Monday’s U.S. history quiz, which will be drawn from the following sources:

  1. The chapters you read in Founding Brothers, including the reason the Constitution was drafted and what was left out of it.
  2. This handout: Presidents list by era 2016 with questions
  3. Wednesday’s blog entry, with the nine terms.

Remember: 4 + 7 + 9 = 20.

Congrats to What the Hell. Pizza party to follow.


Middle School: “Escape Clause,” “Rumpelstiltskin” and Deal with the Devil stories.

Survey: CNF (M/W): We worked on (very rough) illustrated versions of opinion pieces. The goal was to get you to keep thinking about 1) moments, moments, moments, and what they look like, and 2) what it is you want to say in your essay.

These opinion essays are due a week from today: next Friday, May 6.

I am also extending the deadline for the Mr. DeFade revisions: they are due (for both Survey classes) on Thursday, May 5. Remember that I have to have the original essay and scoresheet with your revision!

Survey: Screenwriting (T/H):

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