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Monday, May 2

May 3, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Campbell, Mckinzie, Lepczek. That leaves four poems for next week: Doban, Paul, Denny and Holley (which I gave you today). All four are due Wednesday; your fifth-round poem is also due on the blog then.

We’ll workshop the four poems above on Monday, then move on to Round 5 Wednesday.

Fiction Workshop: Today you got two stories for Wednesday. They are a bit lengthier than you might be used to, so… you know. Online comments and annotations are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

Cultural Lit: Took the U.S. History quiz. Began watching this documentary:


Survey: CNF (ALL): Discussed Ann Hodgman’s essay “No Wonder They Call me A Bitch,” a subgenre of CNF we’ll call the “What If?” essay. These are essays that generally involve an author investigating a topic by actually doing it, usually for a limited time. What if I spent a week as a vegan? What if I sang everything I said for a day? Etc., etc. At book length, this subgenre has proven to be very popular in recent years, though authors spend longer periods of time doing what they do. (A year, in many cases.)

We brainstormed for your own version of a what-if essay, which will be due May 19 (for T/H people) and May 20 (for M/W people). Remember: the doing can be the easy part. Figuring out what it all means, and why anyone else would care, is the trickier part. You can walk around with a shoe on your head for a month. But what are you trying to learn, and then show others, by doing so?

If you didn’t turn your “what if” idea in at the end of class, I’ll be collecting them Thursday and Friday. I need to see these before you try doing them.

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