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Friday, May 6

May 6, 2016

Pulp: Worked on the release party details. Thanks to those of you who helped!

Project: Work day, as usual. Please let me know if you need help with anything!

Cultural Lit: I gave you your final project assignment. You signed up to read a book (or other work) from our reading list. Your job is to give a presentation to the class explaining why this work is still relevant to people (your peers, primarily). How? That’s your job. You can do it in written on non-written form, but you must convince us (me, specifically) that the book is relevant. You must turn in either the written version (a paper/essay) or a written synopsis (of, say, your interpretative dance rendition of the work in question) on May 23.

The rest of our discussion was a brief run through comparative religions.

BatCat: Please check your schedules for next week: looks like we will be staying after on Tuesday, and likely either Wed. or Thurs. as well. Stay tuned.

Middle School: Spelling bee. Spelling quiz Monday. Here’s the list.

Then we watched the Twilight Zone episode “A Penny for Your Thoughts.” We’ll talk more about this next week.

Survey: CNF (M/W): Worked on new moments and “questions for reflection”: the way any new essay is born out of seemingly trivial experiences. Talked about past “what if?” essays and how you can make yours work.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you took a quiz on Sunset Blvd, and then got the next assignment for the group project: Screenwriting 5.5.16 – Story Dev Proj, Part 5 Story. The rest of the time was yours to work.

Read Chapter 3 of Save the Cat for Monday. There will be a quiz, and then you will have more time to work in your groups.

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