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Monday, May 9

May 9, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: Doban, Paul and Denny. Gave out the new Round Five packets: the first three (Thellman/Doban/Lepczyk) are due for Wednesday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we reorganized the workshop schedule to allow for some additional press time. Here are your WORKSHOP dates (please note that your due dates remain the same as before):

Monday, May 16 – Victoria, Ken

Monday, May 23 – Danielle, Haley

Wednesday, May 25 – Tony, Emmett

Wednesday, June 1 – Sara, Kira

Monday, June 6 – Nova, Andi

Cultural Lit: Took an economic literacy prequiz. Hooray! (Well, maybe.)

Remember: your final presentation is due on May 23; we will be presenting them Friday, May 27. The May 23 due date is for the written part of your presentation: even if you choose interpretive dance to explain why The Hobbit is still relevant today, I need a typewritten explanation of what, why and how you are doing what you’re doing.

So, uh…finish reading those books.

BatCat: We have a lot of work to do; if you have down time in another class and would like to come here to work, let me know and I’ll write you a pass (remember, this is only okay if your other teacher is 100% okay with it; if not, don’t fight them).

We are staying after tomorrow (Tuesday, May 10) and maybe another day this week – we’ll see. Wednesday and Thursday are “blackout” dates – we’ll be doing BatCat all morning (and afternoon, if you’re able to).

Middle School Lit Arts: Spelling quiz. Superpowers. Superhero creation.

Survey: CNF: Odds and ends. There will be a quiz Wednesday on the material we’ve covered over the past couple months, including:

  1. The four new essays we’ve read: “Harvey Pekar,” “Dumb Kids’ Class,” “The Coldness of E-mail” and “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch.”
  2. The five dos and don’ts of interviewing.
  3. Ethics, including libel. Handout here: CNF ethics guidelines February 2016
  4. The Mike Daisey stuff (speaking of ethics).
  5. Terminology: Lee Gutkind’s “universal chord,” plus the stuff from the ethics handout: consolidation, compression, etc.\
  6. The brand-new essay I gave you to read for Wednesday: L. Rust Hills’ “How to Eat an Ice-Cream Cone.”

We briefly went over LAVA dates and submission guidelines. Check the top of this blog for some publication opportunities, and ask questions (is this place legit?) if you have them.

Remember: your “what if?” essay is due Friday, May 20.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you took a quiz on Save the Cat, Chapter 3. The rest of the time was yours to work on the 5th part of the Story Development Project, due Wednesday.

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