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Friday, May 20

May 20, 2016

Pulp: Finalized release party details. Rehearsal Block 1 Monday.

Gave out staff applications for next year, and talked about the new format. If you didn’t get one, see me. They are due May 31.


Cultural Lit: Had a freewheeling discussion about economics. It’s kind of hard to recapture, but we talked about several terms from this list, including stocks, investing and recessions/depressions: Cultural Literacy – Basic Economic Terms

We next went over your “ballots” for the federal budget, and where the money goes. We compared your choices to this “taxpayer receipt” for 2014, which breaks down where federal dollars were actually spent.

(Pay particular attention to the one item NOT on your ballot: interest on the national debt, which costs about $220 billion annually. That figure varies from between 6 and 9 percent of the total federal budget. That’s just INTEREST, remember, and it’s because we’ve run a federal deficit every year since 2002. A deficit means, simply, that we spend more than we take in. Every year for 14 straight years and counting.)

I gave you three things to read for next Wednesday. The first is from this past Wednesday, about the “free college” proposal, but we didn’t get to it yet:

The second is about paying income tax: when do you have to do it?

The third is about the estate tax: the tax you have to pay on what you leave behind after you die, as examined through the prism of the late Prince:

Monday: If you still need to retake a quiz, I would love to get those done Monday. Six people still need to retake the Literary History quiz, but only two people need to retake the American History quiz. Because everyone did so well as a class, I extended the pizza party to everyone (date TBD) and will give three extra credit points to all members of the winning team from the review game. (I will apply them to the score of your American History quiz.)

Also Monday: your WRITTEN version of your final project is due. If you’re writing a paper, then just turn in the paper. If you’re doing something else, I still need a written synopsis of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.


Middle School: Worked on your comics/plays for Mr. Cageao.

Survey: Combined: CNF: Turned in What If essays and heard a few. Some Siren staffers visited us and gave out applications for next year.

Classes as normal next week (except for Wednesday).


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