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Wednesday, May 25

May 26, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today we finished Round Five: Campbell, McKinzie, Hall and Winkle.

I gave out (late) the revision packets. The first four revisions (Winkle, Campbell, Swogger and McClintock) are due FRIDAY.

I’ll answer this question now: there are three people who didn’t get a packet. If you’re one of those people, I will let you turn in these four comments by 8:45 a.m. Monday, May 30. (Yes, it’s Memorial Day and there’s no school.) But only if you didn’t get a packet.

Revision round rules:

  1. No more annotations. We’re done with handwritten anything. (If you WANT to do annotations, that is fine, but totally up to you.)
  2. You must leave a comment on the blog for each revision assigned. Each comment is worth the standard 10 points. I will also continue to give daily verbal grades until the end of the revision round.
  3. I gave you hard copies of the revisions only to make it easier to make A/B comparisons. In other words, you look the poem up on the blog, and compare the original version to the hard copy revision.
  4. What should a revision round comment look like? My standard answer is that it should address three things:
  • What has been added, and what the effect of the addition is. Generally, people will add stuff. Generally, it should have an overall positive effect — it might answer a question we had, or flesh out an idea that was underdeveloped the first time around. But don’t just assume that addition = improvement. Sometimes an addition can complicate something that was working before. Sometimes it raises more questions than it answers. Sometimes it just seems unnecessary.
  • What has been subtracted, and what the effect of the subtraction is. Generally, people will add, rather than subtract, in a revision. So this category might not apply in every case. But if something is missing, it’s worth remarking on it. Does the missing material — an image, a line, even a word — help the revision? Or is what has been cut something you miss?
  • Further suggestions for improvement. This one, I think, is pretty clear. Hopefully the poem got better. Don’t assume the poem is done.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Danielle and Haley. Anthony and Emmett are on deck for FRIDAY.

Cultural Lit: Guest speaker: Dr. Greg Renoff, historian and author of Van Halen Rising, Skyped in from Tulsa as a special LAVA guest, to talk about book stuff: the importance of a good book proposal, and how to write one. How (and why) to get an agent. What happens when you get rejected. Interviewing tips (he talked to more than 230 people for this book, which is crazy in an awesome way). And more!

Remember: Cultural Lit presentations Friday. No school Monday. Final exam review next Wednesday. Final exam next Friday. You get one retake.

BatCat: Work!

No Survey classes today (everyone attended the Pulp release.)

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