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Friday, May 27

May 27, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: workshopped revisions of Winkle, Campbell, Swogger and McClintock.

For Wednesday: revisions of Paul, Lepczyk, Doban, Thellman.

Fiction Workshop: 

Cultural Lit: Final project presentations. If you didn’t go today, you will Wednesday.

We review for the final on Wednesday. The final will be Friday, June 3. If you miss Wednesday’s review, you still have to take the final on Friday.

Everyone who doesn’t hit 80 percent gets one retake. However, if you’re a senior, you will have to make your own arrangements to do that the following week.


Middle School Rotation: Watched the documentary A Tax Dollar More. Q&A with the documentarian, Danielle Bain.

Calcluated how long the average bus ride/travel time from home is, one way, for this class: one hour and 24 minutes.

Talked about three types of taxes — income, consumption and property — and what they fund. More on this next Friday!

Survey: CNF: Today I gave you this handout How To Examples Survey CNF 2016 to show you three different ways you might begin a “how-to” essay:

  1. With a moment (like example #2)
  2. With a list (like example #4)
  3. With a “hypothetical moment” (like examples #1 and #3, which both also make use of direct address)

I had you choose one of these ways and then try to begin your essay with it. Remember: even if you create a hybrid essay, there has to be a real essay underneath the bells and whistles.

The how-to/hybrid essays are due Wednesday, June 1. It doesn’t HAVE to be a hybrid essay (that’s strictly optional), but it DOES, of course, have to be a how-to essay.

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