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Thursday, May 26

May 27, 2016

WWTWWT: Today we reviewed the literary submissions for the final project. Hopefully, that served as a de facto review of some of the concepts we’ve been discussing all semester. If you did not get the packet beforehand, I assigned you two pieces and want you to respond to them for Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we’ll review for the final exam on Thursday. Don’t know what else to tell you except be there — I’ll post the study guide on the blog, but you have to take the final Thursday whether you are here for the review or not. I recommend it.

Book History: 

Siren: Talked briefly about the June edition. If you’re gonna do something, we’re going to have to have it by the end of the block Tuesday. Then we all adjourned to…

Prompt: …for the second annual Daily Prompt Awards!

Survey: CNF: Today I gave you this handout How To Examples Survey CNF 2016 to show you three different ways you might begin a “how-to” essay:

  1. With a moment (like example #2)
  2. With a list (like example #4)
  3. With a “hypothetical moment” (like examples #1 and #3, which both also make use of direct address)

I had you choose one of these ways and then try to begin your essay with it. Remember: even if you create a hybrid essay, there has to be a real essay underneath the bells and whistles.

Because of some faulty test data, we will have to retake the most recent quiz tomorrow.

The how-to/hybrid essays are due Wednesday, June 1. It doesn’t HAVE to be a hybrid essay (that’s strictly optional), but it DOES, of course, have to be a how-to essay.

Survey: Screenwriting:

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