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Week of June 6-10

June 8, 2016

Because it’s a fairly nontraditional week, here’s an update on what we’ve done and what remains.

Poetry Workshop: We finished with a final meeting Wednesday, workshopping our last four revisions. I sincerely appreciate the spirited discussions all semester, especially since I know poetry was the not the first calling of everyone in this workshop. Nice work.

Fiction Workshop: We are done. Final grades are in Powerschool. Let me know if there’s an issue.

Why We Think: Handed back finals (unless you’re a senior; I’ll give you yours Saturday) and briefly reviewed the Arthur Leff essay that was part of the final. Across the board, the grades were good and I hope at least some of this stuff sticks with you — thanks for a very entertaining class!

Book History: We are done. Tests were handed back on Tuesday; if you were absent Tuesday and want yours, you might want to stop in to grab it. Grades in Powerschool are final – if you see an issue, let me know.

Cultural Lit: The finals are graded and in Powerschool. (The only ones I haven’t given back are seniors’.)

If you want to retake the final, you must do it tomorrow or Friday. It’s your call. Here is the Cultural Literacy final exam review June 2016

BatCat: Will we ever be done? There is still a lot to do – I will be in on Monday and Tuesday – if anyone happens to be around and wants to come in to attempt to finish House of Memory, let me know. Otherwise, we’re simply going to have to finish these first thing in the fall. As most people want ITHOM for their staff copy, we will have to take care of this in the fall as well (sorry… seniors, I will send you a copy).

Prompt: One more bonus reading on Thursday, and that will be it.

The Siren: Got the June edition out, and lots of people commented on it — more than any past edition I can remember! Named our new editors. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully meet during Block 4 to talk about next year.

Thanks to the 2015-16 staff: the paper really took a leap forward this year, and each of you played some role in that. I am grateful to each of you.

Middle School L.A. Enrichment: We rehearsed for the showcase Tuesday, which was very successful. I am glad I got to speak to you guys today: I really do appreciate the sense of camaraderie in this group — it was wonderful having all 13 of you there last night. We try to make this a family atmosphere, and you guys certainly did your part.

Here is the reading list I mentioned: All-time reading list Literary Arts Department

Some of this stuff you guys have already read, but I challenge each of you to pick at least one book from this list, read it over the summer, and be ready to talk about it when school starts.

Survey: Combined: Portfolio reviews. Mrs. Doubtfire. Labyrinth. And who knows what for our final act…

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