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Thursday, August 25

August 25, 2016

Spongebob: Gave out the syllabus: Spongebob syllabus Fall 2016, and we watched “Pizza Delivery,” from SpongeBob, and “Rap It Up,” from The Regular Show, as we began to talk about archetypes and why they’re important.

We saw two examples of our first archetype: The Eternal Child. We’ll talk more about this archetype and its two subarchetypes — the Divine Child and the Peter Pan. No assignment for Thursday.

Critical Reading: Today we went over expectations and the syllabus, which can also be found here: Critical Reading 8.25.16 – Syllabus.

After that, we watched a clip from SNL (Season 33, Episode 1, about 10:50 minutes in) in which Kristen Wiig’s character ends every line of dialogue with, “So…” We had a nice, interesting discussion about this skit and some of the effects and implications of this verbal habit. I gave you an article to read for Tuesday that also discusses this issue (Critical Reading 8.28.15 – So article). This is the only homework for Tuesday – see you then!

Siren: Initial meeting. We covered a lot of ground: for next Tuesday, I asked everyone to think about a story idea (for September, hopefully) and bring it in.

Style: Today we discussed expectations and the syllabus, which can also be found here: Style 8.25.16 – Syllabus.

We compressed this week’s schedule into today’s class. We read the text of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss (Style 8.25.16 – Week 1, Green Eggs). You took notes on this piece in class, and then we spent the rest of class discussing the work. Here is a picture of the board:


For Tuesday, please write your own piece “in the style of” Green Eggs and Ham. You can take any of the topics we discussed in class to focus on – for example, you might write a piece using the same rhyme scheme and character types, or focus on the conversational aspect of the text and write your own in this style. Your resulting piece might look a lot like the original text, or you might try to do something a little more “out there” – right now, it’s up to you. The bar you’re aiming for is this: if someone were to read your piece, would they be reminded of Green Eggs, or get the same feeling from it? If the answer is yes, you’re probably doing it right.

Your piece must be typed and printed (no wild fonts or typography, please) and is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. It should be no shorter than a page (and can certainly be longer).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Reading: Today we briefly discussed some options that we have moving forward for this class – thank you for your thoughts and feedback. It is very helpful to know what you guys are interested in. The rest of class was spent taking a survey of books and films. You will get a syllabus on Tuesday! No homework.

Survey: Poetry:  Today I gave out the course syllabus: Survey Poetry syllabus Fall 2016, your textbooks and two packets of poetry by Sir John Betjeman and Terrance Hayes.

Then we watched five poets talking about their work and their philosophies of poetry.

Terrance Hayes:

Lucille Clifton (first ten minutes or so; she’s in your book in Chapter 2):


Billy Collins:

Gary Snyder:

And Mary Oliver (audio only; she’s also in your book in Chapter 2):

You wrote on a notecard one thing you heard today that you agreed with, and one thing you didn’t. We’ll discuss Tuesday.

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