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Friday, August 26

August 26, 2016

CNF Workshop: We spent some time reviewing the syllabus: CNF Workshop syllabus Fall 2016, and everyone got signed up for WordPress. Which is nearly a miracle.

We then began a prompt: The most interesting person I spent time with this summer was… I asked you to give me a moment that illustrates this idea.

You started this prompt on a notecard. I asked you to bring it back to me Monday for five (easy) points. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t.

I also gave everyone a packet of three essays, beginning with Davy Rothbart’s “Bigger and Deafer.” I want all three essays read by next Friday, when we’ll have our first reading quiz.

Also due next Friday, Sept. 2: your first essay. It must be posted on the blog by 8:45 a.m. We’ll begin the first round on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

One more thing: if you need a refresher on terminology, download this final exam review from Survey CNF last spring (even if you were in Survey before then; it’s more or less the same stuff): CNF overview 2016

Comments and discussion need to be grounded in these terms and concepts, and I’m certainly not above quizzing you next week sometime to be sure you know them.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we went over expectations, syllabus (Screenwriting 8.26.16 – Syllabus), and your first assignment (Screenwriting 8.26.16 – Short Assignment 1). In class you received a notecard with a line of dialogue on it – this line must be used somewhere in your screenplay.

Here is a copy of the handbook: Screenwriting 3.14.16 – Handbook 2016. Please do feel free to use Celtx or other scriptwriting software as you see fit (please note that Celtx is still free – you do not need all of the extras that come with a paid account, or scroll to the bottom and click through to get the free account version).

On Monday we will go over expectations for Round 1 and will set the rotation dates. You will have a bit of time on Monday to work on Short Assignment 1.

Please check your email and accept the blog invitation. If you did not give me your WordPress information, please do so on Monday. If you did and you do not receive the invitation email, let me know.

Public Speaking: We began the class by watching this video of Sir Ken Robinson, speaking about education reform:

Then we talked about why it was such an effective speech, by identifying five principles we are going to come back to throughout the semester:

1. A clear theme, clearly expressed
2. Eye contact and body language
3. Familiarity with the material (we actually didn’t talk about this one much, but we will next week)
4. Engaging — i.e., involving — the audience
5. Use of humor (which includes knowing when to use it)

We went over the syllabus: Fall 2016 Public Speaking syllabus and I offered you the chance to get a head start on next week by choosing your first (classroom-appropriate) piece. It can be a poem, a monologue or any text that can be read in two minutes or less. Exceptions: dialogue from movies or plays. It just doesn’t read well in this setting.

You won’t need these until Wednesday, but just FYI.


BatCat: Today we went over the syllabus and event dates (BatCat Press 8.26.16 – Syllabus). Please run these dates by your parents/guardians. If they have any questions, they can email me any time.

Please get the permission slip signed for Monday.

Horror: We reviewed the syllabus: Fall 2016 History of Horror syllabus, then you shared your greatest fears, sort of. We’ll come back to these next week, when we demonstrate how they all fall into three main categories of the Things That Scare Us.

Then we watched and discussed the first four minutes of 1996’s Scream. We did this to begin identifying those three key Things That Scare Us, which we will — again — get into more next week.

For Monday: Please remember to bring back the signed parental waiver, so I can give you a copy of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary.

Survey: Combined: You did bad things to great poetry. It’s OK, though.

harambe1000000 - y'all real funny puttin me in that poem. rotfl.

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  1. Jake Shafran permalink
    August 28, 2016 10:58 pm

    I’m pretty sad I missed on Friday 😦

    • ADMIN permalink*
      August 31, 2016 11:40 am

      We’re sad you weren’t there too! But don’t worry – weird stuff like this will happen pretty often. 🙂

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