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Friday, September 2

September 2, 2016

CNF Workshop: You took a reading quiz on the first packet, and we discussed briefly. I passed out the first packet of essays.

For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Kasper and Bullock.

Screenwriting Workshop: Small group workshop today. Here’s the sheet you followed: Screenwriting 9.2.16 – Activity 1, Part 1.

Public Speaking: You rehearsed your first piece for next Wednesday around our first fire drill of the year.

We made this informal agreement: For the first reading (and all subsequent readings), I will:

  1. Preview the space. (This is what we hopefully did today.)
  2. Inhabit the space — from the time I get up until the time I sit down. (No running off early.)
  3. Hold my pose (no fidgeting “outside the box”).
  4. Look up at the end of every stanza/paragraph.
  5. Remember that people want me to succeed.

The one thing we won’t do is: apologize. If you make a mistake, collect yourself and move on without comment.

On Wednesday, I will let the final group rehearse at the podium. Then we will all do it for real.

BatCat: Please check your calendars and, if necessary, talk to your parents and work about upcoming event dates. Remember that if not enough staff members can attend, we will have to cancel or pass on these events.

Beaver Bookfest is next Saturday (9/10).

Horror: Talked about history’s most famous mad scientist, Frankenstein; his connection to Prometheus; and the real-life inspirations for Mary Shelley’s novel. I gave you a handout about galvanism. Please read it for Wednesday.

You are to have read the first 10 chapters in Pet Semetery by Monday, Sept. 12.

Survey: Combined: Meetings with Mr. LeRoy and video response activity. Please hand in your responses on Tuesday if you did not do so today.

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