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Wednesday, Sept. 7

September 7, 2016

CNF Workshop: Great first workshop, everyone! We workshopped Kasper and Bullock. Do it just like this every time, and this class will be awesome. Particularly nice to hear thoughtful comments from so many new folks.

For Friday: comments and annotations for Pierri and Hall. Remember:

  • Comments on the blog by 8:45 a.m. No late comments accepted. Even if you’re absent.
  • I will collect annotations in the atrium before class (after announcements).
  • If you were absent today, I will accept your annotations Friday. That goes for every workshop. If you miss class, you have until the next workshop meeting to turn in the annotations. After that, they will not be accepted.
  • Because we have so many new folks, I’m not giving out verbal grades for the first two workshops this week. However, beginning Monday, that’s a thing. I expect to hear from everyone at some point during every class meeting.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we watched some comedy clips (hopefully you found some inspiration or ideas), then you briefly met with your Round 1 groups to chat. Assignment 1 activity will continue on Friday.

Public Speaking: First recitations. Very successful overall! I will give back the scoresheets on Friday.

As a reward, we watched this classic SNL clip.

If you were absent, you go at the beginning of class Friday.

We’re going to go straight into the second recitation. The rules are much like the first round: you can choose any piece, as long as it is 1) not your own writing and 2) not something with multiple characters. (You can edit the piece, like Miss Bedford did today with her SNL monologue.)

You do not have to memorize or summarize this piece. You DO have to bring in a hard copy to me on Friday. That is your homework.

BatCat: Please check your calendars regarding Frostburg (Oct. 15 in Frostburg, MD). This was a great event last year; need at least 2 confirmed staff members by this Monday.

Hit the submissions harder, please – if we find something we connect with early on in the process, we might be wise to jump on it. The more you get through, the more likely we’ll be able to publish something we connect strongly with.

Horror: Today we spent most of our time talking about the first three things on our ongoing List of Stuff That Scares Us:

  1. Loneliness. Both physical (that is, no one else is around) and mental (that is, you are isolated “in a crowd.” For example, you are the new student and don’t know a soul. Or no one believes you about something — like, “I didn’t steal your 3DS!”)
  2. The body. By this, we mean not just physical pain or disfigurement. We also mean deviations from what we believe is a “normal” body. Think back to when you saw someone without a leg, let’s say, when you were a kid. You were probably scared. You were scared partly because it was novel, and partly because you knew that something “wasn’t right” about it. (Don’t misunderstand: I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with people who have a physical infirmity. But for a lot of us, changing our form in some way — or seeing someone who has done so, on purpose or accidentally — is something we fear innately.)
  3. Surprise. This seems like a weird item to be on this list. Shouldn’t we say, “The dark,” or even “The unknown” instead? No, and here’s why: You’re not really afraid of the dark. Most of you (I assume) go to sleep without one of these, every night: Image result for night lightFurthermore, we all accept that there are huge chunks of our existence that are unknown (Where I am going to go to college? What’s for lunch next week? And

And most of us deal with this uncertainty just fine. Or at least, it doesn’t fill us with horror.

It’s the surprise we object to, though. You can’t plan for it. We have to give up control, which is hard. And sometimes it’s embarrassing — like if someone makes a loud noise and you spazz out. Much as we might argue otherwise, we want to know what’s coming — especially stuff that could be bad, threatening or humiliating.

No assignment for Friday, but you are to have read the two packets I gave you (classical mythology and galvanism), as well as the first 10 chapters in Pet Semetery by Monday, Sept. 12.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on Snow, and then took 10 minutes to complete Prompt #1 in your notebooks (fiction-8-31-16-prompt-1). You took notes on image, abstraction, generalization, and judgment. Prompt #2 was handed out and is homework (due this Friday). Here it is: fiction-9-7-16-prompt-2.

If you were absent today, these papers are in the box waiting for your pick up.

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