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Thursday, September 8

September 8, 2016

Spongebob: Today I collected your homework. You came up with some nice examples of Fools, including:

Know-It-Alls: Squidward, The Ice King (from Adventure Time), Candace (from Phineas and Ferb), Kuzco (from The Emperor’s New Groove).

Village Idiots: Patrick Starr, Goofy, Homer Simpson, Kronk (from The Emperor’s New Groove).

Michael Scott from The Office fits in both categories. The genius of The Office is that its creators (maybe not consciously) decided to make a Fool the main protagonist, while making sure he could be as foolish as possible without actually losing his job. We watched “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” from Season Two, which had examples of both sides of Michael’s character (plus some unexpected pathos as well).

The important thing about archetypes — for us — is not so much being able to identify them (though you have to be able to do that), but understanding how they work together. Characters who have the same archetype should usually be kept away from each other. Notice The Office: Michael and Kevin don’t often share screen time. When they do, Michael is clearly a Know-It-All (because Kevin is clearly a Village Idiot).

Homework for Tuesday: write/type a dream you have had in which someone changes. It could be a physical change, it could be a role reversal. It all works.

Critical Reading: Today we finally got to discuss the menu, and in class I gave you an infographic to analyze. If you were absent, a copy is in the box for you. Please do the analysis and put it into your notes; we will likely bring this up again to finish the discussion.

For Tuesday: read the Saussure handout. This is tough stuff, as most of you know by now – give yourself ample time to read it. ANNOTATIONS ARE REQUIRED – in addition to the “did you read this” quiz on Tuesday, I’ll be checking to see that you marked up your copy. Underline, circle, or highlight, and write notes in the margins.

Siren:  Working on the first edition. Copy deadline is Sept. 20. Post your copy and photos here.

Remember that LPPACS alum Madison Taylor will be here on Sept. 27 to spend some time with us. She’ll be talking about journalism (print and broadcast), as well as blogging. Check out her blog here.

Style: Today we discussed Hemingway. Here is a photo of the board:


It is my expectation that you will write about 2 pages (TNR, 12 pt, double spaced) for you piece for Tuesday.

Reading for Writers: Today we discussed your answers for Prompt #2, in small groups and in full discussion. Good thoughts, everyone. There is a reading assignment for Tuesday. If you were absent, it’s in the box. There will be a quiz. This isn’t the easiest reading assignment in the world – it’s philosophy, so give yourself enough time to get through it.

Survey: Poetry: Today we:

  • emphasized the importance of strong nouns and verbs (and the importance of not depending on adjectives and adverbs) with a short exercise.
  • reviewed the following stuff from Chapter 4: tenor and vehicle/puns/mixed metaphors/hyperbole and synecdoche.
  • talked about what happened to Bill.
  • said there’ll be a quiz on Tuesday on the following: all the stuff above, plus simile/metaphor/symbol (public and private), the five essential elements of poetry, and the five don’ts we discussed.
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