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Friday, Sept. 9

September 9, 2016

CNF Workshop: I collected annotations for Pierri and Hall, and we workshopped Hall.

For Monday: comments and annotations for Koscinski, Kashuba and Kennedy. You will also get a new reading packet.


  • Comments on the blog by 8:45 a.m. No late comments accepted. Even if you’re absent.
  • I will collect annotations in the atrium before class (after announcements).
  • If you were absent today, I will accept your annotations Monday. That goes for every workshop. If you miss class, you have until the next workshop meeting to turn in the annotations. After that, they will not be accepted.
  • Because we have so many new folks, I’m not giving out verbal grades for the first two workshops this week. However, beginning Monday, that’s a thing. I expect to hear from everyone at some point during every class meeting.

Here’s the schedule for the next couple of weeks:

Wed. Sept. 14: Pilch and Bowser

Fri. Sept. 16: Adamson and McDanel

Mon. Sept. 19: Mckinzie and LeRoy

Wed. Sept. 21: Second round essay due. Second reading quiz.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today you got the rest of the info on the activity for next week – you broke into groups and got assigned a script. The rest is up to you. If you were absent, check in with your group. These are the groups, to the best of my memory (I don’t have the paper in front of me, so forgive me if I misplace a person or two):

Sarah, Sara, and Olivia

Layla, Haley, Payton, Chip (?)

Henry, Cassidy, Rachel, Joanie (?)

Alexa, Spencer, Ash

Public Speaking: You turned in your pieces for the second recitations, which will be Monday. I gave back the scoresheets from Round One on Friday. More eye contact, earlier? Body control, especially those legs! And just about everybody could turn the volume up half a notch.

Then you rehearsed — I hope. We set the order for Monday:


Remember: for the second recitation, the rules are much like the first round: you can choose any piece, as long as it is 1) not your own writing and 2) not something with multiple characters. (You can edit the piece, like Miss Bedford did today with her SNL monologue.)

You do not have to memorize or summarize this piece.

Final reminder: when you are to bring in a hard copy of a piece, as you did today, I expect it to be ready to turn in as soon as class starts. Make sure you have hard copies for Monday; I will never permit anyone to read their piece off their phone or laptop.

BatCat: Thanks to everyone that was in class today – everyone chipped in and we got a lot done. Looks like most people are picking up the pace with submissions as well, but not all. We need 100% effort from the whole staff on this.

There are three new tags on Submittable: ALL READ (these pieces are getting good ratings and should be read by everyone); NO READS YET (no one has read this yet; remove this tag if you are the first reader); and LOW RATINGS – DON’T READ (self explanatory – these submissions have 5 or more “no” votes. For organizational purposes, I’m leaving them assigned to you all, but if this tag is present, don’t bother).

Tomorrow is the Beaver County Bookfest (9am – 4pm, Irvine Square in Beaver, right across from the courthouse). Even if you can’t stay all day, try to stop by!

Horror: Today we watched Frankenstein (1931). You filled out a card at the end of class, about the ways that the film included our top three Things That Scare Us. (You can watch the film here if you missed it.)

Quiz Monday on the two packets I gave you (classical mythology and galvanism), as well as the first 10 chapters in Pet Semetary.

Survey: Fiction: Today I checked Prompt #2 (if you didn’t do it or didn’t finish, please do so before notebooks are collected), then we went on to discuss and take notes on connotation, denotation, objectivity and subjectivity.

Please read Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums for Monday (page 704). There will be a quiz.

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