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Wednesday, Sept. 14

September 14, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Pilch and Adamson.

Friday: comments and annotations for McDanel and Bowser.

Monday: the final packet: Mckinzie, LeRoy and Hulick.

For next Wednesday: your second essay is due on the blog by 8:45. There will be a reading quiz on the new packet I gave you today. If you were absent, see me to get it.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was another work day for your activity/project, which is due at the beginning of class on Friday. Seems like everybody got the filming done… now for the rest of it! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys are able to accomplish!

Public Speaking: Today we started by talking about this TED Talk from author Dan Pink. We watched it in class Monday.

In the first two minutes, Pink did three important things:
1. He told a story. People like stories.
2. He used humor. People like humor.
3. He used self-deprecating humor. People like it when other people show they don’t take themselves too seriously.
By the time he was ready to talk — about innovation, and business models, and extrinsic and intrinsic motivators — he had the audience on his side. Remember this.
I gave out the recitation pieces for next Monday. You got either Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled” — which is the most misunderstood poem in American history — and Stevie Smith’s “The Heavenly City.” You chose 10 words to help you remember your poem and gave me the cards — which I will return on Friday, when you practice in your groups.

BatCat: Please check your schedules for next week – we’ll stay after one day, either Wednesday or Thursday. Would like to have at least 3 individuals stay to work on the press.

Horror: We talked about the concept of “moral freight” in literary works generally, and horror specifically. It’s essential, especially as the body count stacks up.

You read (or re-read) W.W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw,” and identified (in groups) the boundary crossing; the three “Things That Scare Us” in the story; and discussed the pros and cons of the ending. This is an important piece: some might call it the first modern horror story.

For next Monday: please read chapters 11-20 in Pet Sematary. (Roughly another 50 pages.)

Middle School Rotation:

Middle School L.A. Enrichment:

Survey: Fiction: Today I gave you the first notebook checklist: fiction-9-14-16-notebook-check-1. Your notebooks will be collected on MONDAY – make sure you go through this list and see that you have what you need to have. Please mark the prompt that you would like feedback on.

In class you took notes on setting, foreshadowing, atmosphere, and mood. Then we did a quick analysis of The Chrysanthemums, and went outside to complete Prompt #4. If you didn’t finish in class, please do so at home, or at least before notebooks are collected on Monday. Here’s the prompt sheet: fiction-9-14-16-prompt-4-setting.

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