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Friday, September 16

September 16, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: McDanel and Bowser. Nice to hear comments from new folks!

Monday: Mckinzie, LeRoy and Hulick.

Wednesday: Reading packet quiz #2. Your second essay is due on the blog by 8:45 a.m.

For this next essay, consider: where could I find some supporting documentation for what I’m trying to say? A magazine article or newspaper story? Another essay? A work or fiction or a poem? A scene from a movie? Broaden your horizons a little!

Screenwriting Workshop: Today you presented your films – great job! I am seriously impressed with what you were able to accomplish in a week. Makes me wonder what you could accomplish with two… or more… 😉

You got packets with the screenplays for your small group workshop next week. You will have ALL block on Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday to go through these screenplays. Only annotations are needed – I will be checking them. You met in your groups and decided upon a strategy for next week. Reference the assignment sheet for details. If you decided as a group to assign certain screenplays for certain days, I will check the corresponding annotations on your chosen days.

Public Speaking: You practiced your piece — “The Road Not Taken” or “The Heavenly City” — for Round 3 on Monday. At least I hope you practiced.

I’ll be collecting your notecards after you read. Remember: accuracy counts.

I gave back the second round scoresheets — overall, an improvement from Week One. My most frequent comment: hold your pose at the end. Don’t run off. You finish, you take a beat, you say thank  you (if you want), people applaud, and THEN you leave the space. Act like you did something good and deserve some praise for it. You did, and you do.

BatCat: Please ramp up the submission reading. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, so for those of you who were absent today, here’s the deal: if everyone did just 10 submissions a week, it would take us all the way into December… and more submissions will be assigned to you, so really, it would take us well into the new year. That’s obviously not going to work.

20 submissions a week should be the minimum. If it’s taking you a long time to get through each submission, relax a little. Scan a bit more, be a bit looser with your comments. Don’t think too hard. Push yourself to go faster, as much as it might feel wrong.

At a BARE minimum, everyone should go through all of the ALL READS by this Monday. There are 5 or 6 of them.

Horror: Began watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari today. Many people consider it the first real horror film. We’ll finish watching and talk about it more Monday.

Remember the quiz Monday: Pet Sematary, chapters 11-20.

Middle School rotation: Spelling bee! Congratulations to our winners, who’ll get their prizes Monday.

Here’s our list of practical spelling words for Monday’s quiz:

  1. definitely
  2. guarantee
  3. refrigerator
  4. its/it’s
  5. there/their/they’re
  6. eligible
  7. piece
  8. scissors
  9. sympathy
  10. restaurant
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. Wednesday
  13. irrelevant
  14. reiterate
  15. exceptional
  16. luscious
  17. associate
  18. theory
  19. embarrassment
  20. grammar

Bonus words: meme, Cageao (remember the capital “C”)

If the class gets an average score of 80 percent, there will be a group reward as well.

Survey: Combined: Frankenstein storytelling in small groups. We’ll share next Friday!

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