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Monday, September 19

September 19, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Mckinzie, LeRoy and Hulick. Thus concludes Round One.

Your second rotation essays are due on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Wednesday. We’ll start with a reading quiz, and then you will have time to work on your packets.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was your first day of small group workshop. I am acknowledging that there is a learning curve, both to doing annotation and to discussion, so just do the best you can today and shoot to improve on Wednesday! 🙂 So far, so good.

Remember that you have both Wednesday and Friday to continue these discussions, and I will be checking annotations as scheduled by you. Each group is using a slightly different strategy.  

Public Speaking: Recitations, Round Three. Yes, these were pretty bad. That is expected. They’ll be bad next week too, as you get used to balancing all this stuff in your head: the words you’re supposed to remember, and the physical stuff we’ve been talking about. It’s difficult. But it will get easier. I promise.

If you didn’t go today, we’ll start with you on Wednesday.

We watched these three videos after the recitations. I asked you which of the three speakers was most effective, and which was the least, in your opinion. If you missed these in class, please do look them over — it will only take about 15 minutes. We’ll discuss what was good, and not so good, on Wednesday.

BatCat: Submissions. Tentatively going to stay after on Thursday. Check your schedules.

Horror: Pet Sematary quiz #2. Then we finished watching Dr. Caligari. We discussed several terms, including the concept of the “frame story.” We’ll recap it all on Wednesday.

However, if you missed watching the first half of the movie, I do recommend checking it out here:

It’s less about the plot, and more about the ambiance, which we started discussing today. (This film launched a million imitators, including — years and years later — Tim Burton.)

Why does the film look this way? There’s a lot of history behind that answer. We started that discussion, but will need to continue it next time.

Reading assignment for next Monday: Chapters 21-27 in Pet Sematary.

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Quiz #2 on Neverwhere. We briefly discussed the hero’s journey — clearly, Richard is a reluctant hero — but I’ll save that for Mr. Cageao, mostly.

We went out into the park and did a sort-of prompt; I wanted to see what you came up with more or less on your own. I’ll return these next week.

Survey: Fiction: Today I checked to see that you completed Prompt #4, then collected your notebooks.

The guidelines for your first graded writing assignment are here: fiction-9-19-16-assignment-1-rewrites. Please let me know if you have any questions! These are due on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Make sure to follow the listed guidelines; deductions will be taken if they are not followed.

In class we began a new exercise, which we will finish on Wednesday. Here is the sheet you received in class: fiction-9-19-16-in-class-in-your-own-words. When you’re answering these questions, be true to your own voice. Don’t worry so much about getting the “right answer” – just respond honestly, in a way that you think is true to the way you speak/think/operate. If you were absent, both this and the Assignment #1 sheet is waiting for you in the box near my desk.

Also for Wednesday: read A&P by John Updike (Norton, pg. 765). There will be a quiz, as usual.

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