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Friday, September 23

September 23, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Bullock.

For Monday: Koscinski/Kashuba/Adamson.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was the last day for small group workshop. Payton and Cassidy are due to post Monday and will be workshopped on Wednesday. Everyone: please make sure you are aware of your due date. Also be aware that you must REVISE your screenplay before submitting it to the full workshop – that was the whole point of small groups!

Remember that you already also have the guidelines for Round 2, and should definitely be getting started on that as well.

We will be doing something in class on Monday; it will not be a work day.

Public Speaking: You had all block to rehearse your piece for Monday.

BatCat: There are 8 submissions labeled “ALL READ,” and only two of them have been read and rated by all. Please have these all covered by Monday!

Horror: I gave you this handout history-of-horror-what-weve-done-so-far-sept-2016 to summarize what we’ve covered in class so far.

We talked about the fourth item on our list of “Stuff That Scares Us” — mystical objects. Examples: the monkey’s paw, Aladdin’s lamp, and any object that seems to have a supernatural power. We gave the example of a magic stapler that goes around granting wishes. Most of us would probably not accept these wishes because we’ve seen how this story usually ends: even when people win their wishes fair and square, the wishes don’t usually go the way we hope they’ll go.

Then we watched the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll” and tried to identify the four things on our list in this show (they’re all in there), plus one new one.

Survey: Combined: Today we went over submission information. See the link at the top of this page for the links to the websites we covered in class.

You worked on your songs for Poetry and handed them in at the end of the block.

Remember for Monday: bring in both your A&P analysis worksheet as well as both of your Q&A sheets (one in your voice, the other as your “opposite twin”).

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