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Monday, October 3

October 3, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Pilch and Kennedy. I gave out Mr. Mckinzie’s new essay, which is due Wednesday.

The schedule for the rest of the week has changed slightly. It is now:

Wednesday: McDanel, Bowser, Mckinzie.

Friday. Third-round essays due on the blog by 8 a.m.

Reading quiz (bumped back from Wednesday)

You will have time to work on these essays in class. Partly because of this, I will probably assign at least one extra essay for next Wednesday (no school Monday, Oct. 10. remember).

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Patrick and Alexa. Sarah and Olivia’s screenplays were handed out for Wednesday. Annotations and online comments due as usual.

Public Speaking: I think today was our best round of recitations yet. Partly that’s because people seem (to me, anyway) to be more comfortable up there, and less fidgety “in the box.” Proud of you guys!

You turned in your “tagline” cards, and we started trying to adapt them to attract an audience, via the principles of clickbait. We’re going to do more of this Wednesday.

We also found out that nobody knows this phrase:

Good thing I already said I’m proud of you.

BatCat: We are in for Handmade Arcade – Saturday, December 3. This will be an “all hand on deck” situation; as we discussed in class, I will not be able to help much, or at all, with this event, although I will be there in a different capacity. Check your calendars.

Horror: Today we added a sixth item to our list of Stuff That Scares Us: Identity. That is, we fear the loss of it, or even sharing it — and we also fear what knowing the full extent of our own identity might reveal. Cue our Twilight Zone episode of the day, “Mirror Image.”

We also took our latest reading quiz from Pet Sematary. For next week (and that means Wednesday; no school Monday the 10th): please read chapters 35-41.

Middle School Rotation: The Bert Bertram Show, Pt. 2. Thanks to all our wonderful guests!

Survey: Fiction: Today I checked Prompt #5 for completion, then you took notes (narrator, narrator types in 1st and 3rd person, POV, POV analysis questions).

Prompt #6 was handed out (fiction-10-3-16-prompt-6-pov-scene-rewrites) and we watched the associated scene, which can also be found here:

This prompt will be checked for completion on Wednesday!

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: I really hate having to follow up Tobias, but here we are…

We took quiz #4 on Neverwhere. Some of you folks are racking up impressive scores on these quizzes. And by “impressive,” I mean, “impressive because they’re so low.” I recommend that those of you who fall into this category take some time during our week’s hiatus (no class next Monday because of Columbus Day) to start actually reading the book for a change.

Then we went outside and worked on a writing prompt, in which we examined unrequited (or in some cases, requited) love, using all four narrative modes we’ve discussed.

For our next meeting in two weeks: please read chapters 10 through 15. (“Through” means “including.”)

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