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Friday, October 7

October 7, 2016

CNF Workshop: Workshopped Bowser, which completes Round Two. Today’s takeaway: reactions. They’re really important! We need them when we expect what the reaction might be; we need them when the reaction isn’t what we might imagine.

Took a reading quiz on the last set of three essays.

Gave out the Round Three packet. The first four essays are due for Wednesday: Bullock, Hall, Kashuba, Kennedy.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Spencer and Sarah. Two new screenplays were handed out (Haley and Joanie). Please have both of these, as well as Sara Hamilton’s, ready for next Wednesday. The annotations and online comments will all be checked at that time.

Public Speaking: Today we took an initial poll on your speech taglines. Results will be given back to you Wednesday.

We discussed eight reasons (from Scott Berkun’s Confessions of a Public Speaker) that people might come to hear you speak. Reason Number Seven is the reason a lot of people hear a lot of speeches: because they’re forced to do so. It’s your job to appeal to one of the “higher” reasons on the list: to give useful information; to entertain; maybe even to inspire.

No poem for next week’s recitation. Instead, I asked you to come up with a brief story: anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute long — that you can share with the audience Wednesday. No podium, no notes. Just you and your story. It can be 1) a personal story that relates to your topic; 2) an anecdote you found somewhere else that relates to your topic — essentially, someone else’s story; or, if you’re really stuck, 3) an imaginary story that relates to your topic. (“Imagine you and your dog are taking a walk in the woods…”)

Doesn’t matter which you choose. Just be ready Wednesday. So practice!!!

BatCat: We have two class meetings next week, and then it’s Frostburg. Just FYI. Also, clear your calendars for December 3rd! That’s Handmade Arcade.

Horror: Test #1. If you were absent, you’ll take it Wednesday.

We also have a reading quiz Wednesday: Chapters 35-41 from Pet Sematary.

Survey: Combined: You worked with a partner to rewrite a beloved children’s classic. You also didn’t get very far. We’ll come back to this in two weeks, on Oct. 21.

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