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Wednesday, October 12

October 12, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today we began Round 3: Bullock, Hall and Kashuba.

For Wednesday: Adamson and McDanel.

For Friday: Pilch and Hulick.

and on and on…

The due date for the fourth round essay (and the next reading quiz) is looking like Oct. 24.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Joanie. You should already have Sara and Haley’s screenplays annotated and commented upon; these are both for Friday.

Layla and Henry’s screenplays were handed out; these are due for Monday. Annotation and comments will not be checked until then, so no need to do them for Friday.

All screenplays for this round have now been given out. We will discuss the Round 2 schedule on Friday. Before that time, look at what you’ve done so far in preparation for Round 2! And if you haven’t started it yet… you might want to do that ASAP.

Public Speaking: Heard your stories. Not bad — informal and relaxed, like I was hoping. If you were absent, you will be able to go Friday.

I will give back all the feedback we’ve collected on Friday. That should help you make a decision about the direction you should go with your speech.

BatCat: Frostburg is on Saturday. If you are still thinking you might be able to come, please talk to your parents – we could really use a couple more pairs of hands.

Horror: Took a reading quiz on chapters 36-41 in Pet Semetery. For next Wednesday (not Monday), a quiz on chapters 42-47.

We used today’s segment to segue into a discussion of the seventh item on our list of Stuff That Scares Us: Haunted Places. You shared lots and lots of haunted house/place tales, and we started talking about what it all means — including why most people seem to be OK with these presences that might be present in our lives, and even homes.

Please note: if you were absent last Friday, you still have the “watching” part of your test to make up. We will do that this Friday.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on The Yellow Wallpaper, and then we took a time out to talk about punctuation. Specifically, punctuation in regards to dialogue and quotations. You took an ungraded quiz in class, and then we went over the answers. You can expect a quiz on this matter sometime soon – probably next week.

A packet of flash fiction/micro fiction was handed out and needs to be read for Friday. There will, as usual, be a quiz and we will be using these stories in class – so it’s actually very important for the reading to actually be done. Please note that “Test” is not actually a test that you have to take – it’s a story written in the form of a test, and it only needs to be read. 🙂

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