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Wednesday, October 19

October 19, 2016

CNF Workshop: Lost half the class to the PSAT, but those folks who stayed did a nice job. We workshopped Kasper; Koscinski, LeRoy and Mckinzie are up Friday. Then we have a reading quiz Monday; your round four piece is due on the blog by 8 a.m. Monday.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we read the first 34 pages of Stranger Than Fiction. Then I’m not sure what you did!

Most of class was gone to the PSAT or absent. There are copies of this script in the box waiting for you. This one has some interesting interaction with an narrator – definitely worth a read. It may appear that a lot of “rules” are broken here, but it works very well overall.

Public Speaking: Heard your speech openings. Some press folks joined us to offer feedback. Overall, well-done, but remember: moments where you hesitate (as opposed to purposeful pauses to let a thought resonate) are invitations to your audience to clock out.

Friday we’ll share the intro feedback and start talking about how to build these speeches.


Horror: Took a quiz on Pet Sematary, chapters 42-47.

We talked about the Wendigo and its connection with cannibalism among Native American tribes, and added a ninth item to our list of Stuff That Scares Us: Mythical Creatures. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, wendigoes, etc.

One thing they all have in common is that the stories don’t just come from nowhere: these creatures usually have some basis in real events. Sometimes diseases (like hypertrichosis and lycanthropy); sometimes conditions in a certain place (that’d be zombies and the wendigo — read this story about the real-life Wendigo hunter Jack Fiddler – among others); sometimes even real people (like Vlad the Impaler). When they are turned into creatures like those listed above, however…they belong on our list.

Survey: Fiction: Today we did a lot of different things: a quiz, followed by adding distance and immediacy to your notes (officially). We then talked briefly about POV analysis, and how you’re going to start writing these as paragraphs instead of filling out worksheets. Here are the relevant documents: fiction-10-19-16-pov-analysis-paragraph-samples fiction-10-19-16-prompt-7-pov-analysis-paragraph

We also talked about your next big writing assignment, which can be found here: fiction-10-19-16-assignment-2-flash-fiction.

Here’s a list of what’s due, and when:

Monday, Oct. 24: Prompt 7 is due

Monday, Oct. 31: Assignment #2 is due

Wednesday, Nov. 2: Review for midterm

Friday, Nov. 4: Midterm

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