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Tuesday, Oct. 25

October 26, 2016

SpongeBob: A short but productive discussion about the waif/free spirit prompt. Some very perceptive comments!

Then we watched an episode of Jimmy Neutron to practice identifying archetypes, in advance of Thursday’s midterm film-watching.

Critical Reading: Today we began watching Rear Window, and will continue to do so on Thursday. Here’s the notes sheet: critical-reading-10-25-16-rear-window-notes

Siren: Oh man…we’ll get this October edition out.

In the meantime, November copy was due and we started checking it over.

Style: Today you read your Poe poetry, handed it in, and spent the rest of the block watching Tasty cooking instructional videos on Youtube, which is this week’s style. Take notes, as usual, for Thursday.

Taking notes on video might seem a little weird, but you can take note of the filming style, music, colors, content (words, recipes, what appears on the screen), tone, attitude, mood, pacing, etc. There should be A LOT you can say about these – especially those of you in Critical Reading. Hint. Hint.

Reading for Writers: Today you spent in your groups, finishing up your timelines of the Glass family (NOT just Seymour!). Some groups did well, others seemed to have some focus issues. I expect the next time something like this comes up, you’ll do better all around as a group.

Bring in your permission slips for Thursday – hopefully we can start the film then.

Survey: Poetry: Today you turned in your sonnets/rhyme royals. Then we began working on your next formal poem, the rondeau. I gave you a handout that covers it: Survey Poetry Rondeau

We wrote lines of iambic tetrameter and you voted on your favorite. This will become the start of your poem, and the refrain.

These rondeaux are due next Tuesday, hand- or typewritten.


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