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Thursday, October 27

October 27, 2016

Spongebob: Watched our midterm film. Your midterms will be due Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Critical Reading: Today we finished our viewing of Rear Window. For Tuesday: bring in your typed notes (this is mandatory, for a grade) as well as what you think will be the argument for your paper (here are the requirements as handed out in class: critical-reading-10-27-16-midterm-paper).

Becca has the DVD and is scheduled to give it to Spencer tomorrow. Highly encourage you to watch the film again, preferably before Tuesday – it’s pretty easy to find online (ask Henry for help?).

Siren: Last-minute fixes before we go to press, at last, tomorrow, with our debut edition. Lined up volunteers for the LAVA Bake Sale next Thursday. Next Tuesday we’ll spend half the class reviewing this debut edition, and the second half on a LAVA rehearsal.

Style: Today we went over the Tasty videos. Here’s what you have to do for Tuesday:

  1. Make a video in the style of the Tasty videos.
  2. It does not necessarily have to be about food.
  3. You can work with a single partner, if you wish.
  4. It must be uploaded to YouTube (or Vimeo) and sent to me as a link: by the beginning of class.

Any questions? See me asap!

Reading for Writers: Today we began to watch The Royal Tennenbaums and will finish the film on Tuesday.

Survey: Poetry: Today we introduced our fourth formal form (say that five times fast), the villanelle — a 19-line poem with two refrains.

I offered you two options for writing your villanelle, which must be in iambic tetrameter, just like your rondeau:

  1. You can try to adapt your rondeau to the villanelle form. It will need an extra refrain (and some other lines), but it is the same foot and line length, so in theory, it’s a doable adaptation.
  2. You can also choose one of these questions below to begin your villanelle. (We brainstormed this list in class.) They have no imagery attached, so it’s your job to come up with a vehicle for whichever idea you pick.
  3. Remember that your rondeau is due Tuesday; this villanelle is due Thursday.img_20161027_1519472851s below
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