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Monday, October 31

October 31, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Koscinski, LeRoy and Adamson. Wednesday: Kashuba and Hall.

I gave out a new reading packet with two essays, which you will need to read for next Monday — when your next essay will be due.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Ash. Chip is for Wednesday; also, you need to have your photo series assignment finished by Wednesday (we’ll be sharing in class).

Cassidy’s screenplay was handed out and will be workshopped on Friday. We are still waiting on Layla’s – I’ve give you an official update on Wednesday.

Public Speaking: Work day. I spoke to several of you individually.

Wednesday we will talk about closings. On Friday, your complete speech (typewritten) is due at the beginning of class.  I suggest timing your reading to be sure you hit the three-minute minimum/five-minute maximum sweet spot. And if you’re adding visuals, I need to see them on Friday as well.

BatCat: Continued to work on materials for Handmade. STILL only 5 people have read the Gameshow Poems – this is, needless to say, disappointing. It has been marked “ALL READ” for several weeks now, and there are still a few submissions that have not hit three reads.

Please check your calendars for December 3. Your responses regarding this date have not been inspiring confidence… remember that this is going to be a very busy day, and you’ll mostly be on your own. All hands on deck.

Horror: We watched The House on Haunted Hill in honor of Halloween. Wednesday is your final quiz on Pet Sematary.

Middle School Rotation: Clown survey for The SIREN.

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Final quiz on Neverwhere. You turned in your papers, and I gave you a new reading packet with Edgar Allan Poe stuff. Please read the biography and the poems for next Monday — there will be a quiz.

Survey: Fiction: Assignment #2 was handed in. If, for some reason, you did not hand this in today, please do so tomorrow, as it is a 20% off per day (not class) reduction. Do not email it; it will not look at it and will not consider it handed in till you give me a hard copy.

After that, the dance. We will have an in-class review on Wednesday and the midterm exam is on Friday.

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