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Tuesday, November 1

November 1, 2016

Spongebob: Today we reviewed the Jimmy Neutron analysis you did last week. This was tough, because of the triangle of characters — Carl, Sheen and Hugh — who all seem to have elements of the same archetypes. Also because Cindy behaves in a somewhat atypical way, and isn’t very important in this episode.

We took apart the triangle as best we could, and I told you to focus on a different triangle — the one between Jimmy, Carl and Sheen — when you’re analyzing Ghostbusters. Specifically, one character is the glue in this relationship, the one who brings together two very dissimilar characters — Jimmy and Sheen. Did that happen in the movie? Yes, it did.

Critical Reading: Today you showed me your formalized notes and arguments, and then we met in small groups to discuss. If you would like me to look at your updated argument sometime later this week, I’ll be happy to do so – but you need to seek me out, I won’t come asking. Feel free to email questions also; those are emails that I am happy to receive!

In class, I handed out two documents: one, from The Geographical Review concerning the panopticon, and the other by Judith Butler.

Our schedule looks like this:

Thursday, Nov. 3: Have The Geographical Review paper read. There will be a quiz and annotations will be checked for points. Not looking for especially heavy annotations on this one; it is not tough writing, but you do need some. Tip: identify the big talking points.

Tuesday, Nov. 8: No homework due. This will likely be a discussion day, and you *might* have time to work on your papers.

Thursday, Nov. 10: Your Foucault/Rear Window paper is due. Please refer to the guidelines that were handed out last week. Late papers will charged 20% per day; if you want a good grade in this class, make this deadline. Otherwise an ‘A’ will be unlikely to achieve.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Have the Judith Butler paper read. There will be a quiz and annotations will be checked for points.

Is this a lot of work? Yes. Will it be difficult to manage? Only if you let it. My challenge to you is to focus and to allocate time. If you have a spare moment in other classes, work on this stuff. Plan ahead, and don’t wait till the night before or morning of. I am expecting excellent work, and grading will reflect this expectation.

Siren: Reviewed your good work on the debut issue. Three things I liked:

  1. This paper has more actual news in it than any previous SIREN. Not just local news, but localized national stories (the Pledge piece; the charter schools story). Nicely done!
  2. We had 13 people pictured (and interviewed) in this issue, our most ever. We also talked to several other people not pictured. This is awesome! It’s how you build readership.
  3. The layout is very clean and professional, and we pretty much did it all ourselves. Not to say we’ll turn down help if it comes our way, but now we know we can do it ourselves if need be.

Good job, team! Now we just have to do even better next month!

Style: Today we watched a bunch of your Tasty videos. Cake! Butter! Mixers! Knives! Even a live chicken! Oh, it was an exciting day.

The style for this week: historical inaugural addresses. You got Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy, Clinton, and FDR. WOW. Really. Wow. Read and take notes for Thursday, as usual – we’ll be discussing them as a group and also touch upon individual aspects, so your notes may reflect both.

Reading for Writers: Today we finished watching The Royal Tenenbaums. There were a bunch of people absent today; if you were, you will make up the viewing on Thursday. If you are absent on Thursday, you’re out of luck (due to the edits, I cannot send the DVD home with you), so please make EVERY effort to be in class.

On Thursday, we will go over the assignment that will be associated with this viewing.

Survey: Poetry: Today I collected the rondeaux. We talked about a new form, the pantoum (as well as an additional form, the sestina, which you will not be required to write, but will be required to recognize). Here’s the handout: survey-of-forms-poetry-pantoum-and-sestina

You need to write a pantoum of at least four quatrains for next Wednesday. No rhyme or meter restrictions. We brainstormed some possible subjects, based on your greatest nightmares and things you’d like to steal if you could get away with it, but those are just suggestions, not requirements.

The amended schedule for next week:

Tuesday, Nov. 8: You will be with Mrs. Baringer. No Poetry class that day.

Wednesday, Nov. 9: Survey Poetry instead of Fiction. Your pantoums are due. review for formal poetry quiz.

Thursday, Nov. 11: Your terza rimas are due. Formal poetry quiz.

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