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Wednesday, November 2

November 3, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Hall. For Friday: Bullock and Kennedy. For Monday: Mckinzie and Kasper.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Chip. You already have Cassidy’s screenplay, which is for Friday. Today you received Olivia and Alexa’s screenplays, which are both due for Monday.

Questions? See me.

Public Speaking: Today we talked about closings. They can be super-short, or longer and more involved. We watched these three videos, with different types of closings:


Pay close attention to Angela Duckworth’s ending: she did three things that are smart:

  1. She clearly signaled that the talk was about to wrap up. Teachers do this all the time. It’s because they know when you give this signal, people tend to focus (or refocus). You can reel people back in this way, just for a moment.
  2. She gave a call to action. The last moments of this talk all tell us what we ought to do with the information we’ve received. As a way of keeping the audience involved, this is an easy but effective one.
  3. She used a catchphrase. OK, puns and wordplay can be cheap. But her closing line (paraphrased)  — “We need to get grittier about being gritty” — is a nice summation of her whole speech. Do it if it works!

Your speeches are due Monday. More details next class.

BatCat: New submissions have been added to your queues.

Horror: Final Pet Sematary quiz. Louis Creed, we hardly knew ye. (Actually, that’s not true. We knew him pretty well.)

We talked briefly about the allegorical qualities of the book, based on Louis’s last name. Then we finished watching House on Haunted Hill.

Survey: Fiction: Today we did a review “game” for the midterm, which will be happening Friday. Here are the results:

1st: Calliope/Julia

2nd: Jake/Torie

3rd: Sierra/Hailey

4th: Olivia/Grace

5th: Brooke/Molly

6th: Alissa/Maison

7th: Cory/Brandon

Generally, groups did well. Here are the questions again, with their corresponding answers: fiction-11-2-16-review-questions-with-answers.

The test will mostly be short answer and fill in the blank, with the last part being a piece of micro-fiction for which you must write a thorough point of view analysis paragraph.

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