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Tuesday, November 8

November 8, 2016

Spongebob: Today you turned in your midterms. We discussed Christopher Booker’s theory that there are only seven archetypal plots, and reviewed them briefly. (Here is an interesting online piece that reviews and comments on these seven plots:

I share a publisher with Mr. Booker, but do not share all his opinions. However, this is a good jumping-off point for what we’re going to do the rest of this month, and for your final project — for which I handed out the guidelines today. It is due Dec. 15.

Critical Reading: Today we watched Duck Soup. It is the best.

Reminders: your Foucault/Rear Window papers are due on Thursday. The Judith Butler reading is for Tuesday (heavy annotations required and there will be a quiz).

Siren: Prepared for our post-election piece Thursday.

Also, anyone interested in being part of our social media team should — on a notecard — explain why you’d like to join and what you can offer. Turn these in next Tuesday. Our communications editor, Miss Bett, and managing editor, Mr. Kasper, will be leading this effort.

Style: Many of you shared your speeches today, which was pretty great. 🙂 The style for this week is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. It’s a denser reading, so be sure to give it adequate time. Notes are due on Thursday, as usual.

Reading for Writers: Today we spent some time talking about the Glass family. Good conversation, most of you. Those of you that tuned out: work on staying engaged. Don’t be afraid to contribute (this makes things significantly more interesting), and actively listen. If you are shooting for being in first block classes, these are skills that you will absolutely need to bring to the table.

Two things were handed out: first, a reading (for Thursday) on existentialism. Please read the whole things. Also, Prompt 4 was handed out and is due on Thursday. These are some big questions, so… do the best you can! reading-for-writers-11-8-16-prompt-4-existentialism-intro

Survey: Fiction: Today Prompt 8 was checked for completion (everybody did it! Two people were absent, but still! Pretty proud of you guys) and we took a quiz on Hills Like White Elephants. We had a pretty good discussion, then took notes on dynamic, static, and stock characters. Get these notes from a classmate if you missed them.

The assignment for Monday is this sheet, which was handed out in class: fiction-11-8-16-character-identification. You can continue to discuss in groups – some of these deserve some scrutiny (the answers may  not be cut and dry). All sheet needs to be filled out by Monday, whether you do it in your group (groups are just whatever table you’re sitting at) or alone.

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