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Thursday, November 10

November 10, 2016

Here’s a video from Denison College’s Reynolds Young Writers Program, which has graduated a couple of Lincoln Park Literary Arts alums. See if you see anyone you recognize!

Spongebob: Today we did an archetypal plot/archetypal character exercise in groups, as a preview of your final project.

Critical Reading: Today you handed in your Foucault/Rear Window papers. If you didn’t hand it in, please do so ASAP. It is in your best interests to do so.

In class, you got a new assignment, which is to be done in partners: critical-reading-11-10-16-article-comparison-assignment. Becca and Hannah A. were absent – you guys should be partners.

Siren: Here’s our post-election story. Nice job everyone!

Style: Today we discussed AureliusYour corresponding pieces are due on Tuesday, as usual.

Reading for Writers: Today you took a quiz on the existentialism handout and then we had a discussion.

Your Salinger/Tenenbaums assignment is due on Tuesday, as previously discussed. If you chose to do option C (screenplay), if you hand this in to me in the morning (by 1st block), you will receive extra credit. Please do this – it will help us all!

Survey: Poetry: Formal poetry quiz.

For Tuesday:

  • You need to have your poet chosen for your notecard final.
  • You need to read Chapter 8 in your textbook.
  • You need to bring your John Betjeman and Terrance Hayes packets.
  • Your terza rima is due.
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