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Monday, November 14

November 14, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Bullock, Pilch and then we started Adamson. Take a look at that one again for Wednesday: we’ll start there and then move on to the other three essays in the packet. I’ll be giving out a new packet then, as well.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Henry and Haley. Please prepare Rachel and Joanie for Wednesday (and then Spencer and Payton for Friday).

Public Speaking: Your last day of rehearsals before the midterm. I gave out some guidelines — see me if you didn’t get them.

Here’s the lineup, in order for Wednesday:

  1. Williams
  2. Starr
  3. Vollmer
  4. Michalwoski
  5. Hamilton
  6. McCollough
  7. Logan

BatCat: Lots of work to do. Please remember: Handmade Arcade is Saturday, Dec. 3.

Horror: Today we talked about existentialism and its relationship to Freud’s id/ego/superego — specifically, that existentialism can’t rely on the normal practical (ego) and moral (superego) brakes on the id. You have to make up your own code to live by. Which sounds great, but in practice, is 1) exhausting — imagine having to come up with your own take on every ethical situation you encounter! — and 2) inconsistently applied, at best. Few people can manage to actually devote the time and energy required to be a consistent existentialist.

For next Monday, read Lovecraft’s “Herbert West, Re-animator.”

On Wednesday, we’ll talk about Lovecraft’s own existentialism, which you can argue makes him the philosophical godfather of the guys you’re reading in RFW.

Middle School Rotation: The first 10 minutes of The Lion King. You filled out cards about what you learned. A prize for the winner!

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Quiz on “The Tell-Tale Heart.” We watched this 1953 animated adaptation:

We also talked about image, abstraction and the unreliable narrator, which we defined as a protagonist who is unable — because of intelligence level, age or mental stability — to offer us a completely trustworthy narration.

For next Monday: please read “The Black Cat” and “Hop-Frog.”

Survey: Fiction: Today we went over your character identification sheets. Thanks for your contributions – seems like you all made some good decisions. Remember that a lot of this stuff is pretty subjective and dependent upon interpretation, BUT there are some widely accepted and extremely strong arguments one way or another for many of these characters, and sometimes yes, there are “right” and “wrong” answers. So, in other words, don’t go into your English classes and act like a jerk. 🙂

We went over your midterms, which I will officially return to you on Wednesday, and I will also give back your stories at that time.

Please read Paul’s Case from the Norton Anthology for Wednesday. There will be a quiz, as usual.

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