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Tuesday, November 15

November 15, 2016

Spongebob: Today we did an in-class activity based on Lincoln Park, circa 2066. Everyone created an archetypal character, and we mapped out the results on the board. It actually went better than I thought, although we have to acknowledge that if we were making this a single-serving work (a screenplay, a novel) we probably couldn’t accommodate all these characters. We’d have to shrink close to half of them down to single-use characters — bit parts, in other words. And we’d have to eliminate some of the overlap — too many shapeshifters, or shapeshifter-like characters, most likely. But we’ll come back to this Thursday, as I think there’s more to be said about it.

Critical Reading:  Today I checked your annotations and you took a quiz on Judith Butler. It was a scattered but interesting conversation, one that I wish we had time for, but simply don’t. Please remember what we did get to talk about, though, as you may wish (or need) to use this reading assignment for a subsequent assignment down the road (like your final).

Since you guys used your time so well in class last week, I’m going to give you most of this Thursday to work on your article comparison assignments. These will now be officially due on Tuesday, and in class I’ll be asking you to informally present your work to the rest of the class.

On Thursday, i’m going to also give you a packet of most of the remaining readings for the semester. Things get kind of scattered and rough around the holidays, and I want you to have all of this material ahead of time so that you can decide how to divvy up your time. We’ll go over the schedule on Thursday as well.

By the way, I typed this entire entry with my eyes closed. If there are errors, please forgive me. 🙂

Siren: Worked on December copy.

Style: Today some of you shared your Aurelius Meditations-inspired pieces. Those of you that read, nice job. I suspect that there are quite a few people who did not hand in this assignment; if you didn’t do it, please do it and give it to me asap.

The style for this week is stand-up comedy. Actually, for the next two weeks:

This Thursday, your notes are due, as usual, AS WELL as three links to comedy bits that you like and think should be shared in class. Email me. A sheet with guidelines was handed out in class, and my email is also on that sheet. Your notes can be on either the clips we watched in class today, or the clips you watch on your own. style-11-15-16-stand-up-notes-guidelines

We’ll go over the guidelines for your presentations on Thursday as well.

Reading for Writers: Today you handed in your Salinger/Tenenbaum assignments. If you did not hand yours in for some reason, please do so ASAP! This could potentially affect your grade in a major way.

We spent the rest of class doing table readings of the screenplays; we will continue to do this on Thursday.

Survey: Poetry: You turned in your terza rimas. Today we began Chapter 8, a very short chapter about external organizers. These are ways to organize a poem that you can see (anaphora, deliberate typography, prose poetry, concrete/shaped poetry, non-recurrent stanzas) and hear (anaphora — again; you can see AND hear it, syntactical rhythms, non-recurrent sound devices).

We looked at a packet of poems to illustrate these qualities, paying special attention to the Terrance Hayes poem “The Blue Seuss.”

In free verse, external organizers take the place of the rules of formal poetry. (And sometimes they are combined with those rules, like meter or even rhyme.) We’ll next look at internal organizers, from Chapter 9, which I want you to read for Thursday. Both of these sets of organizers put the lie to the idea that “free verse” just means “do whatever the hell you want.” It doesn’t.



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