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Thursday, November 17

November 17, 2016

Spongebob: We are still talking about character interactions.

We watched a few minutes of The Office (from Season 3) as an example of how archetypes interact. We have a VILLAGE IDIOT (Michael Scott) who is idolized by the office MISFIT (Dwight). The PROTECTOR (Pam) who holds the office together (and who also has strong elements of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) is dating the BOY NEXT DOOR (Jim; which is one reason everyone is rooting for them). The officer ROGUE (Ryan) usually ends up with the ORPHAN (Kelly), while the office TRICKSTER (Daryl) uses race (and other people’s ignorance about it) to get ahead. And even though we didn’t see the ETERNAL CHILD (Andy) much, you bet that’s what he is, from his anger issues to his naive personality.

The other characters, meanwhile, are pretty much single-purpose, from the Ice Queen (Angela) to the Creepy Old Man (Creed) to the Angry Old Man (Stanley). I’m giving them these names but we might call them others; the point is that they have absolutely no scope beyond their narrow, narrow stereotypes.

We paired up archetypes from our Lincoln Park 2066 activity, and you wrote scenes (since I think this is gonna turn out to be a TV show 🙂 We’ll hear those Tuesday, when I hope to give back the midterms.

Critical Reading: Today I gave you folders with new readings (Foucault, Derrida, Benjamin, Introduction) and asked you to put the readings from earlier (Foucault, Saussure, Butler, Geographical) in it as well. Consider this your “textbook”; you’ll be needing at least some of these pieces, new and old, for subsequent assignments.

I have not yet set dates by which these new pieces need to be read (I may give you this info on Tuesday). It would certainly be in your best interests to start early and take it kind of slow – some of these are extremely dense/difficult, so waiting till the last minute is highly discouraged.

Today was a work day for your article assignment, which is due (to be handed in and presented) on Tuesday.

Siren: Proofed Nov. copy.

Style: Today I checked your notes and we talked about some comedy-related topics. Here is the assignment sheet for your own comedy piece: style-11-17-16-stand-up-assignment.

On Tuesday, we’ll watch some of the links you sent to me in class.

Reading for Writers: Today we read the last three screenplays, then you did a little meeting with your countries.

There is no homework, but if you haven’t handed in your Salinger book, please bring it on Tuesday. If you don’t, I will eventually hunt you down.

Survey: Poetry:  Talked about the six internal organizers from Chapter 9, with the help of some Hayes/Betjeman poems: (“Talk” and “The Blue Seuss,” in particular.)

  1. Narrative
  2. Repetition (and refrain)
  3. Shift in attitude
  4. Overt theme (remember, this one is tricky and should be used with caution. “Anger Sweetened” or “The Narrow Mind” in Chapter 2 in your textbook are good examples.)
  5. Image clusters
  6. Compare and contrast (sometimes via extended metaphor or a controlling image)

For Tuesday: know the external and internal organizers from Chapters 8 and 9 for a  quiz.

For Tuesday, Nov. 29: Your assignment is to create a free verse poem of between 10 to 20 lines that features one external and one internal organizer (and identifies them somewhere on the paper). You cannot use anaphora/syntactical rhythms and repetition/refrain because, well, double dipping.



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