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Monday, November 21

November 21, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today we got caught up on some odds and ends. We finished Kennedy; workshopped Kasper (R4); and workshopped Bowser (R5). Now the decks are clear.

Everyone should have a packet with the remaining six Round 5 essays. If you turned in annotations and did your comments already, I will give you some sort of bonus, since I failed to update the blog Friday and a few people were absent. If you have not done them yet, they are ALL due on Tuesday, Nov. 29 by 8 a.m. (Obviously, annotations will be collected when I see you, before morning announcements.)

We’ll try to get through these six essays next week, and then your sixth-round essay will be due on the blog by 8 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2. I’ll give those packets out Friday and we’ll start Round 6 on Monday, Dec. 5.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was a workshop for your next film project, which is due on Dec. 19. Wednesday, Nov. 30 (in addition to being the Round 3 due date for many of you) will also be a work day. Make sure that you plan accordingly so that you can make effective use of your time in class.

Workshopping for Round 3 will begin on Friday, Dec. 2. Just FYI.

Public Speaking: We heard three presentations: Cianfarano, Wolfe and Trodden.

If you haven’t gone yet, you go Wednesday, Nov. 30. That includes Kashuba, O’Neill, Michalowski; Vaughn and Bedford.

I gave out two poems for our next recitation, which will happen Friday, Dec. 2. Here they are if you didn’t get them: poems-for-dec-2-recitation

BatCat: Lots of work. Remember, Handmade Arcade is December 3rd at the convention center, downtown Pittsburgh. Talk to your parents/arrange your rides now! The event officially starts at 10am and ends at 7pm (set-up and tear-down will be before and after this timeframe; tear-down is required to be completed by 8pm, so if you’re arranging a pick-up, this is the absolute latest your ride should arrive. Tear-down, for us, usually takes 15 minutes).

Horror: We took a quiz on “Herbert West.”I showed you the Twilight Zone episode “Five People in Search of an Exit,” and asked you if it is an existential script. We’ll discuss next Wednesday.

Middle School Rotation: You earned a day off with your spelling quiz grades — very nice! We conclude our business tomorrow with makeup spelling quizzes for anyone who got a 15 or less. Can’t hurt; can only help. It’s been fun — thanks!

P.S. Don’t forget your papers for Mr. Cageao!

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Today we took a quiz on “The Black Cat” and “Hop-Frog.” I gave you your final Poe assignments: read “The Masque of the Red Death” (the last story in your packet) and then choose one of three stories (“Masque,” “Hop-Frog” or “The Black Cat”) and adapt it into a poem of between 10 t0 20 lines. Rhyme and meter are optional.

Here is an adaptation of “The Tell-Tale Heart” into sonnet form to give you an idea of how it might go: why-will-you-say-that-i-am-mad

Don’t forget: “adapt” doesn’t mean you have to retell the story straight. Maybe you change the perspective. Maybe you focus on only one part of the story. Experiment! (But don’t neglect imagery.)

Survey: Fiction: Today we went over Assignment #3 (fiction-11-21-16-assignment-3-inanimate-object-microfiction). Everyone was in class, everyone got the corresponding inanimate object. If you have questions, let me know! This is due in two weeks. Please add “must be typed, double spaced in a common font (12pt TNR)” to the list of requirements.

In class, you got a partner and an in-class assignment. I will give you roughly half of the next class (Nov. 30) to continue working on this, though I would STRONGLY suggest you try to touch base with one another tomorrow and perhaps over break. fiction-11-21-16-in-class-assignment-summary-rewrites

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