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Tuesday, November 22

November 22, 2016

CNF Workshop people: please note that your comments and annotations for the remaining six essays in the packet (Hall, Koscinski, Hulick, McKinzie, LeRoy and Kasper) are due on TUESDAY, the 29th — even though we don’t have workshop that day. I want to collect the annotations downstairs before announcements, and I want comments on the blog prior to 8:45 a.m. Thanks for your attention to this matter!

Spongebob: Gave you the day to read this translation of Taming of the Shrew by Orson Scott Card. Have it read (and understood) by Tuesday. Will there be a quiz? Search deep within yourself and you’ll find the answer.

Critical Reading: Today I gave you a calendar with the due dates for the rest of the semester. There is still time to improve – or lose – your grade, so make sure to stay on top of this stuff. I’ve given it to you early so that you can make your own choices when it comes to managing your workload. Take advantage of this flexibility.

For next Tuesday: Everyone needs to bring in at least one print ad (three would be better). Full-page magazine ads are best; any product/company/service is fine.

Siren: Got the November edition out. Thanks to all who wrote, photographed, edited, posted, folded, stapled and distributed.

Style: Today we watched clips that you submitted for more examples of stand-up. Your stand-up routines are due on Tuesday. Remember that the only way to hand this in is to perform it (it also counts as a reading). If you are absent, you will go whenever you return.

Reading for Writers: Today we started watching Animal Crackers (1930). We got to minute 52 and will finish the viewing on Tuesday. There will be an assignment/discussion concerning this film. There is no other homework.

Survey: Poetry: Took a quiz on Chapters 8 and 9. I reckon some of you folks might want to re-read those two chapters, especially the latter.

For Tuesday:

  • Your free verse poem is due. See last week’s blog for details.
  • Read Chapter 10 in your textbook.
  • Start bringing the Betjeman/Hayes packets to class.
  • I gave back villanelles, but still owe you a couple of poems. I’ll have them for you Tuesday. Save this stuff! I’ll be meeting with you individually next month and want to be able to talk to you about the stuff you have turned in.
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