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Monday, December 5

December 5, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today we began Round 6: Pilch and Kashuba. We held Hall over until Wednesday.

For Wednesday: the next three essays (LeRoy, McDanel, Adamson)

For Friday: Kasper, Bullock, Hulick.

For Monday: McKinzie. Your Round 7 essay is due on the blog then, by 8 a.m., as well.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Ash and Sara. Sarah and Layla are for Wednesday. New screenplays are up on the blog for next week, if you want to get a head start. I will be giving you the hard copies on Wednesday.

Public Speaking: Finished up this round of recitations. You had time to rehearse (and, I hope, research) your next recitation, on Friday.

I kept meeting with people about midterms. It’s going slowly, but we’ll get there.

BatCat: It’s time to get serious about submissions. We will likely begin having final discussions next week – do as much as you can, both in and out of class, to cover the new submissions.

Horror: Today I handed out the guidelines for the final project, which is due Jan. 4:


You took a quiz on “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” And we started watching this documentary on zombies, which we’ll finish Wednesday.

Middle School L.A. Enrichment: Heard some Poe poem adaptations — nice!

Took our first quiz on Catcher in the Rye, and talked briefly about Holden Caulfield as an unreliable narrator. I assigned you chapters 4-6 to read next week.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on A Rose for Emily, then I gave you back your notebooks. In your notebooks you added more notes on ways of including and evoking character within your writing.

After a break, you drew shapes and we watched Dots. The assignment for Wednesday is to organize your drawings and work out the story. Here’s the sheet: fiction-12-2-16-dots-activity-part-2. Gabi: your set of drawings is waiting for you in the box. Pick them up tomorrow/whenever you return.

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