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Wednesday, December 7

December 7, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Hall, LeRoy, McDanel. We start Friday with Adamson; then comments and annotations for Kasper, Bullock and Hulick.

For Monday: Mckinzie + your Round 7 essay due on the blog by 8 a.m.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Sarah and Layla. Chip & Alexa are for Friday. The screenplays for next week have been handed out, except Cassidy’s, which I’ll give you on Friday.

Public Speaking: Today we watched this follow-up TED Talk from Sir Ken Robinson:

We talked about what makes him such an effective speaker, focusing on the physical side of things. A short list:

  1. He’s calm. Just as “the box” limits your range of motion, and thus makes any gesture you make seem bigger, his calm makes his occasional hand gestures play up. But more than that: being calm (not to be confused with low energy) makes your audience calmer as well.
  2. He’s funny, in a deadpan way, without being ostentatious about it. Now, does he get “bonus points,” so to speak, because he’s Sir Ken Robinson, and everyone knows who he is and that he’s supposed to be funny, so they laugh automatically? Yeah. And you probably won’t. But gentle humor like this usually works best — it’s not mean or raunchy or dependent on pop culture references. It’s just funny.
  3. He’s conversational. This is really hard, especially as your audience gets larger. Pretending you’re having a conversation with people when you aren’t is a tricky thing to simulate. But the secret of it is knowing your material so well, and knowing what you want to say so well, that you really can make it seem like you’re talking (and not reciting).

I met with a few more folks about midterms; I’m going to try very hard to get this all wrapped up Friday.

Recitations Friday (sorry we didn’t get around to making a list today). Looking forward to our best recitations yet!

BatCat: We talked about the results of Handmade. Submissions are our current #1 priority – we need to start talking about these next week. Most of your class time on Friday will be for working on these, but you should ABSOLUTELY be doing some of this outside of class, otherwise it is unlikely you’ll have done enough.

Horror: Zombies redux (and sorry about the weird film quality). We’ll get to your talking points Friday.

Survey: Fiction: Today you shared your stories inspired by shapes, and then handed them in. If you did not give me yours for whatever reason (absent or forgotten), please do so asap – tomorrow morning would be great.

In class you took notes on story and plot, and we discussed briefly. I handed out a short story, which is waiting for you in the box if you were absent, which needs to be read for FRIDAY. It’s called Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff.


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