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Friday, December 9

December 9, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Kasper and Bullock. We didn’t get to Hulick; on Monday, we’ll workshop that essay, plus Adamson — plus McKinzie, which needs to be annotated and commented on for Monday, as well.

That will conclude Round 6. Our seventh and final round will begin next Wednesday. Your seventh-round piece is due on the blog by 8 a.m. Monday.

Should you require a last-minute prompt, here it is:

Write a letter to Santa (or Krampus, or whatever holiday deity you choose), asking for whatever it is you really want this season. It may be a letter, but imagery/moments are not optional.

Screenwriting Workshop: Please have Henry and Olivia’s screenplays ready for Monday. Also, remember: if you are absent on a workshop day, hand in your annotations to the red folder in the bin near my desk!

Public Speaking: Our second post-midterm recitations, at least for those who were here. If you were absent, you go on Monday.

I met with a few more people about midterms. We should have that wrapped up by Monday, hopefully. Your revised speeches will be due Jan. 4.

BatCat: Submissions.

Horror: No class today because of Poetry Out Loud. Next week: Night of the Living Dead.

Survey: Fiction: Today we took a quiz on Bullet in the Brain, very briefly discussed the plot vs. story of the short story, and then I handed back Assignment #3 as well as a bunch of old quizzes.

In the latter half of class, we launched into the reorganization of A Rose for Emily. You’re working in groups, and will continue this assignment on Monday.

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