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Wednesday, December 14

December 14, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Kasper and Bullock. Bowser was on the docket; we’ll start there Friday.

For Friday: Kashuba, LeRoy and McKinzie.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Rachel and Joanie. Only two more pieces to go: Cassidy and Haley for Friday. This is the last day for official workshop, so make it count!

Public Speaking: Today our guest speaker was our CEO, Mr. Poling, who talked to us about public speaking, his challenges in doing it and his philosophies about it.

We finished this round of recitations; remember that “Ars Poetica” is our final recitation (on Monday).

BatCat: Did we… did we actually make a decision? Before the final deadline?

Yes. We. Did.

Horror: Finished Night of the Living Dead. We talked beforehand about the film in its time — which was 1968, one of the most tumultuous years in the 20th century. For Friday, please read this piece from CNN about the significant events that occurred that year, some of which we discussed today.

We’ve touched on how the film was made, but here is a great wrapup from Entertainment Weekly, from a few years back, that I suggest you give a look before Friday as well.

One thing that came up today was the casting of Duane Jones as Ben, something that helped make this a groundbreaking film. We’ll be exploring that more on Friday.

And of course, we have to fit this film into our overarching discussion of horror. Where does it fit? We’ll get into that on Friday as well.

Survey: Fiction: Today we wrapped up talking about A Rose for Emily. Basically, what you read on the page is necessarily the plot; how the author/speaker chooses to present the story. The “story,” in this technical sense, is the complete chronological order of events, from earliest to latest, untangled from the plot.

The rest of class was spent either bookbinding or working (on either your poetry project or fiction assignment that is due next Wednesday). There is no new homework (aside from Assignment #4, which you got last week).

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