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Wednesday, December 21

December 21, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: McDanel, Adamson and Pilch. We had to hold over Miss Hall and also Mr. Hulick (whose essay I gave out) until after the break. Comments and annotations for Mr. Hulick’s essay are due by the start of class Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Because I’m a nice guy — and because a lot of stuff is due on Jan. 4 — I am giving you until 8 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 6 to post your revisions to the blog. We will workshop revisions the week of Jan. 9.

There will be no annotations due during the revision round: you will simply be responsible for writing a comment. We will do this in written form, following a template that I will give you.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we watched your short films – I have to say, they were really impressive! You continue to knock it out of the park. We’ll do some stuff in January.

The rest of the block was spent working on The Siren. There is no standing homework, although I encourage you to read some more of Field’s Screenplay. I will be collecting them in January.

Public Speaking: Finished the final recitation of Archibald MacLeish’s “Ars Poetica.” (Which means “The Art of Poetry.”)

Your final, revised speech is due on Wednesday, Jan. 4. Here are the guidelines — PLEASE follow them:


BatCat: Gift exchange! Over break, if you have it in you, think of more valentine saying (if we could come up with more original ones, that would be best). Also keep book designs for the upcoming titles in the back of your minds, as well as possibilities for informational handouts at AWP.

Horror: Today we discussed your responses to the ending of NotLD. A surprising number of people felt positively about it; most correctly identified it as an existential story in the Lovecraftian tradition.

Remember that your final projects are due on Wednesday, Jan. 4. Here are the guidelines if you need them:


On Friday, Jan. 6, we will hear from people who do an analysis of existing work, and will (hopefully) try table reads of any screenplays. You will get a packet of original work on this date, and will have at least a couple of responses due on Monday, Jan. 9.

The tentative plan is to review for the final on Wednesday, Jan. 11, and to take the final on Friday, Jan. 13. Perfect.

Survey: Fiction: Today some of you finished your books, and others watched The Muppets and met with Mr. LeRoy. If for some reason you did not hand in your story (Assignment #4), please do so tomorrow.  

Survey: Poetry: Our notecard final presentations had to be postponed, partly because of the day off Tuesday, and partly because I had to rehearse for tonight’s concert. Rather than do part of these presentations now and part when we return, the fairest thing to do seemed to be to postpone them all.

So here is the plan:

We will have class as usual on Tuesday, Jan. 3. We will do these 12 presentations, in this order.

  1. Duffy
  2. Wolfe
  3. Shafran
  4. Buckley
  5. Caudill
  6. Crawford
  7. Acosta
  8. Aloi
  9. Bartlett
  10. Haddox
  11. Brilmyer
  12. Brown

The remaining presentations will happen on Thursday, Jan. 5. When those presentations are completed, we will review for the final exam, which is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12, with a makeup date of Thursday, Jan. 14.


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