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Tuesday, Jan. 3

January 3, 2017

Welcome back, everyone.

CNF Workshop people, please note: I was reminded today of something I posted on the blog before Christmas — that I would give everyone until 8 a.m. Friday to turn in their final revisions, instead of 8 a.m. tomorrow. I did this because a couple of other final projects are due tomorrow as well, and I’m trying not to crush anyone. But since, apparently, few people actually read the blog, I guess you’ll only have known this if you…

…wait for it…

…read the blog. Womp womp.

So don’t be mad tomorrow if you didn’t!

Spongebob: Today I gave back the Taming of the Shrew responses, and we discussed them briefly. They were pretty good.

Then we discussed the first three of the final pieces. Everyone was assigned three pieces to comments on (the pieces are numbered), and I collected the responses. I do expect EVERYONE to read ALL the pieces, even if you don’t have to comment on them. That part of things was lacking today.

We’ll analyze the other eight pieces Thursday. Tuesday we’ll review for the final. And next Thursday will be the final. That’s all, folks.

Here are the final projects again, if you need them:


Critical Reading: You did an in-class group assignment, the guidelines of which are here: critical-reading-1-3-17-boxes-sharing-and-response

If you were absent, it will probably be difficult to make this up. However, responses to the four group presentations from everyone that was here will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Siren: Worked on the January edition.

Susan Zanke of USA Today will be here Thursday, Jan. 12 to train everyone on how to use the blog. Plan accordingly.

Style: Here are the guidelines for your final project: style-1-3-17-final-style-guidelines

Please note these deadlines:

For Thursday, Jan. 5: Bring in both the material you are selecting as your style (it must be a HARD COPY and be able to be handed in; if you bring in an entire book, make a photocopy of an excerpt in advance) as well as written notes on the style – 5 points of discussion at a minimum, preferably more. BOTH of these things will be checked/awarded points. You will be sharing your choices with the class, verbally, so be prepared.

For Tuesday, Jan. 10: Your piece is due, as always, and we’ll have an in-class reading.

Reading for Writers: Quiz on Night. You will need to make this quiz up Thursday if you were absent.

Survey: Poetry: Today we heard the following final presentations:

  1. Duffy
  2. Wolfe
  3. Shafran
  4. Buckley
  5. Caudill
  6. Crawford
  7. Acosta
  8. Aloi
  9. Bartlett

That leaves these presentations for Thursday:

  1. Haddox
  2. Brilmyer
  3. Brown
  4. Droz
  5. Giffin

When those presentations are completed, we will review for the final exam, which is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12, with a makeup date of Thursday, Jan. 14.

I also gave you your final poetry assignment, which is due Tuesday, Jan. 17. Don’t forget the analysis! The guidelines are here: guidelines-for-final-poetry-project-2016

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