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Friday, Jan. 6

January 6, 2017

CNF Workshop: Today: Hulick Round 7; McKinzie (revision).

I gave out revision packets of before-and-after versions of three more essays: Bullock, Kennedy, Kasper. You must respond to these three essays by Monday, using the template I gave you. (Here it is, if you need it: cnf-workshop-written-comment-form-revisions)

And here are the before-and-after versions of the three essays, in case you were absent: bullock-kennedy-kasper-revisions-and-originals

Paper copies of comments only, please: we are done with the blog for commenting purposes. There will be no annotations due during the revision round: you will simply be responsible for writing a comment.

Screenwriting Workshop: Wrote and shared some monster screenplays.

Public Speaking: We couldn’t get into the Black Box because of floor painting. That changed our plans a little, but not dramatically.

Monday we will meet again in the Black Box for a practice day. We plan to have the laptop available for anyone with a PowerPoint. Again, you probably won’t have time for a full rehearsal, but just being in the space and planning what you’re going to do will be helpful.

Then we will run through our lineup on Wednesday and Friday, in this order:

Wednesday, Jan. 11:

  1. Williams
  2. Wolfe
  3. Vollmer
  4. Trodden
  5. Duffy
  6. Hamilton
  7. Starr
  8. Cianfarano

Friday, Jan. 13:

  1. Vaughn
  2. Apel
  3. Logan
  4. Michalowski
  5. O’Neill
  6. Koscinski
  7. Kashuba
  8. Bedford
  9. McCollough


Regarding makeups: we’ll do the best we can. But if you are not here on these two days and we can’t get the Black Box again the following week, you have to accept the possibility that you will have to deliver your speech in an alternate venue — for less points. It’s a fairness issue I’m sure everyone understands.

If anything changes before Monday, I will communicate it through the blog, so be alert.

BatCat: Prep for tomorrow’s workshop.

Horror: Today we heard six essays analyzing existing works of horror. We went from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to The Ring and Lights Out, and I have to say, it was an impressive batch of essays. Kudos to everyone who presented: it made for a compelling presentation overall, and everyone who read today should be proud.

Then we did a table read of Miss Apel’s screenplay. If you were absent or you lost your copy, here it is: script-girl-scout-cookies

Your assignment for Monday is to analyze it, using the same criteria as before:

  1. Which of the 10 things that scare us are present, and where do we see them in the story?
  2. What work or works we have read/seen/discussed this semester is this work most like?
  3. Is this a classic horror story, with boundary crossing and punishment, or is more existential, a la Night of the Living Dead?

We’ll be talking Monday about it, as well as the other seven stories in the packet. Here is the packet, if you were absent: history-of-horror-finals-jan-2017

If you did not turn in your analyses today, I highly recommend that you do so on Monday. They’ll be late, but these analyses are worth 10 points each. Skipping out on all three (four counting Miss Apel’s) would leave a big hole in your grade.

Remember: Wednesday we review for the final; next Friday (the 13th!) it is.


Survey: Fiction: Today we did a collaborative prompt called “Fortunately/Unfortunately.” Please bring your resulting stories to class on Monday!


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