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Monday, January 9

January 9, 2017

CNF Workshop: Today: Kashuba, LeRoy, Bullock (revisions).

We held Kennedy and Kasper over till Wednesday.

I gave out a new packet. For Wednesday, you need to write comments for these three essays: Koscinski, Adamson, Hulick.

If you are missing the before/after versions of those essays, here they are: koscinski-adamson-hulick-mcdanel-cnf-revisions

If you’re missing the comment form, here it is: cnf-revision-comment-form

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we briefly discussed your [almost] final grades (don’t expect anything to change between today and report cards) and then finished up sharing your monster screenplays. There is no homework, but please bring in your books (Syd Field’s Screenplay) by Friday.

Public Speaking: Went to the Black Box. Hopefully you got some rehearsing done. Refer to last week for the order Wednesday. We’ll meet in the Black Box. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR STUFF.

BatCat: Many things happening. Check your schedules for after school availability (starting next week) as well as availability on January 28 from 2-4 (event at Sewickley Library – we’ll talk more about this later).

Horror: Reviewed some of the stories from the packet. We’ll continue that Wednesday, and will also review for Friday’s final.

Middle School Rotation: The Bert Bertram Show returns! Spelling bee Friday, quiz next Monday.

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Quiz on Catcher, Ch. 10-15. If you were absent, you’ll take it Tuesday.

We talked about Holden as a hypocrite (and an enemy of hypocrites), and as a romantic.

Next Tuesday: quiz on Ch. 16-20. And I want you to respond to this prompt, either in typewritten or handwritten form:

  • Compare Holden to any other fictional character, from film, books or TV. PLEASE USE MULTIPLE EXAMPLES FROM BOTH CATCHER AND THE WORK YOU ARE CITING, OR THIS PAPER WILL BE VIRTUALLY WORTHLESS. How is this character like (and also unlike) Holden, in his/her philosophy, dealings with the world, actions, etc.? How are the struggles this character faces like (and unlike) Holden’s?
  • Here are the official guidelines, if you need them: middle-school-la-catcher-in-the-rye-prompt-jan-9-2017

Survey: Fiction: Today we talked a little bit more about the results of the “Fortunately/Unfortunately” exercise from Friday. In your notes, you added information about the basic story model (which you’ve almost definitely seen before in English classes).

In class we read This is How I Remember It (fiction-1-9-17-this-is-how-i-remember-it). You have a new writing assignment for Friday, which is to write your own story in the style of this one. Here are the guidelines: fiction-1-9-17-assignment-5-single-sentence-story.

This is the review list for the quiz, which is still currently scheduled for this Wednesday: fiction-1-9-17-post-midterm-review-list.

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