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Wednesday, Jan. 11

January 11, 2017

CNF Workshop: Today: Kasper, Kennedy, Koscinski (revisions).

We held over Hulick and Adamson until Friday.

A little confusion over McDanel’s essay: that comment was not due today. It will be due on Friday. If you turned it in today, just bring it back Friday (you need it, anyway) for credit. (If you need it, it’s in this packet: koscinski-adamson-hulick-mcdanel-cnf-revisions)

So the schedule looks like this, tentatively:

Friday: Hulick, Adamson, McDanel

Wednesday, Jan. 18 (probably): Our final meeting. Hall, Bowser, Pilch (all three of which I’ll give you Friday)

Some of you guys need to pick it up on the comments: the one-line comments are embarrassing.

Speaking of which, if you’re missing the comment form, here it is: cnf-revision-comment-form

Screenwriting Workshop: Mrs. Baringer was not here today, so hopefully you (those of you who weren’t committed to EI or the press or something else) used your time wisely!

Public Speaking: Day One of final presentations: Williams, McCollough, Duffy, Hamilton, Starr. Very proud of you all.

For Friday, we have a lot to get through. Head straight to the Black Box so we can get started. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Kashuba
  2. Vaughn
  3. Trodden
  4. Apel
  5. Vollmer
  6. Michalowski
  7. O’Neill
  8. Koscinski
  9. Cianfarano
  10. Wolfe

If you have any questions or concerns, the time to address them is TOMORROW — not Friday.

BatCat: Viewed Public Speaking finals and offered feedback. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Horror: Reviewed two more of the stories from out packet (Erb-White; Hinton). A lot of folks were absent, and thus missed the review for the final, which will be Friday the 13th.

I assigned one more story (Logan; you can download it here: carter-logan-history-of-horror-final) for you to analyze for Friday, following our usual template:

  1. Which of the 10 things that scare us are present, and where do we see them in the story?
  2. What work or works we have read/seen/discussed this semester is this work most like?
  3. Is this a classic horror story, with boundary crossing and punishment, or is more existential, a la Night of the Living Dead?

Regarding the final: I went ahead and assembled a new study guide, which I’m sorry I didn’t have today. I’ll try to give them out Block 4 tomorrow. If you have question, please ask!

In the meantime, here it is. (There are a couple of sample questions on the last page; I may use one or two of them on the final.) history-of-horror-final-exam-review-guide-jan-11-2017

Survey: Fiction: Final quiz.

You have a new writing assignment for Friday, which is to write your own story in the style of this one. Here are the guidelines: fiction-1-9-17-assignment-5-single-sentence-story.

Survey Poetry note: Tomorrow is a make-up day for the final (Giffin, Acosta) and a work day for everyone else. That’s because I bumped up the deadline for your final poem, from next Tuesday to Friday the 13th. You have to turn your poems in then, and read them then. (If you don’t read, you take the five-point deduction.)

Here are the guidelines, should you need them: guidelines-for-final-poetry-project-2016

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